News Briefs: Bringin’ Back Breezys Edition

Fall is upon us (though the heat would have us believing otherwise), and with it comes the time of year when local musicians and the like begin to ramp up their creative output. This week Generationals, LoOmis and Mason Briggs unleash new music, while Breezy’s begins its long-awaited comeback and Royal Teeth’s recent good fortunes continue.

Never known to go quiet for too long, locally-based nationally-recognized indie pop duo Generationals have returned from with the follow-up to 2011’s Actor-Caster, the synthy and upbeat new single “Lucky Numbers”. In addition to prepping the release of an EP of the same name on October 2, the Generationals can be found touring the road for the majority of the next two months.

After nearly two years as a bastion of DIY culture in New Orleans’ indie rock community, local venue Breezy’s has moved onto a larger, more commercially legitimate endeavor. New space Breezy’s On Freret, set to open later this fall, will be only blocks from the former house-turned-coffee shop-turned-underground music spot that owners Mike Twillmann and Micah Burns used to inhabit. Currently working towards proofing and perfecting the new venue’s future sound system, the Breezy’s boys have begun a Kickstarter campaign to help them in their quest to give the Uptown campus area an unsurpassed underground live music experience.  More news as this campaign develops.

After dropping the video for single “Tired Flags” last month, former Smiley With A Knife guitarist Patrick Bailey – known individually as LoOmis – has just released his fifth full-length album of material since beginning the experimental analog project in 2007. A Beautiful Coincidence takes his well-documented penchant for instrumental post rock and intriguingly stretches it into territories more akin to drone and chillwave. Though the current San Francisco resident can’t generally be found haunting the concert venues of New Orleans these days, you can follow Mr. Bailey as he documents our rich history of underground rock and roll at The Memory Farm.

After spending the last six months experimenting with a Keller Williams/tUnE-yArDs one-man loop pedal format as Mason Briggs and forming post rock outfit Luxley with the likes of Bantam Foxes bassist Collin McCabe, local singer and guitarist Ryan Gray has returned with the Briggs monicker for a string of solo tracks utilizing only a guitar and an iPhone app. New song “Elegance” comes on the heels of last month’s “Distractor”.

Thanks to a growing and increasingly rabid national fan base, local indie pop act Royal Teeth will be taking the stage at Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide Festival, which takes place October 4-7 in Los Angeles. The result of a polling contest put on by Red Bull Soundstage, Royal Teeth placed first among dozens of acts from all over the country. Meanwhile, you can find the sextet on tour through the month of October (they’ll be back in New Orleans for the Voodoo Music Experience) or in EA Sports’ Fifa 13, which is available September 28 and features Royal Teeth track “Wild”.


News Briefs: Indie Label Takeover Edition

We’re half way into Jazz Fest and our city’s young talent have already outdone themselves. Here are a few quick happenings to be aware of this week in the New Orleans underground:

After breaking onto the New Orleans/Baton Rouge/Lafayette music scene just over a year ago, electro-pop outfit Royal Teeth has signed with Los Angeles-based Dangerbird Records, home to bands like Silversun Pickups, Maritime and Boots Electric.  Royal Teeth’s first order of business as signed musicians will be embarking on an extensive US tour supporting new label-mates Fitz and The Tantrums as well as The Kooks and seminal 90s nerdcore rap/rockers 2 Skinnee J’s, who are reuniting later this spring.

After becoming locally known for their short, raucous live performances (usually clocking in at no more than ten minutes) as well as their arousingly filthy 2011 demo, thrash emocore trio Choi Wolf released their debut full-length on April 18 digitally through Bandcamp.

After calling it quits earlier this spring, local Alt Country band Country Club has resurfaced with a sneak peek at their swansong LP, due in May on Chinquapin Records, in single “Stranger”. To celebrate the release of the forthcoming record, the quintet is teaming with Caddywhompus and Sun Hotel for a night of performances at 12 Bar on May 10.

Rob Landry – known to most local concertgoers as the drummer of the Rooks, All People and the aforementioned Choi Wolf (as well as the Community Records go-to percussionist) – has released his latest solo record, Little Women, under his longtime Astronomical monicker. The concept record finds Landry laying down suites of emotionally affected ambience among glitchy drum loops, mathy guitars and static synth lines.

After having truly come into their own over the last two weeks with a tireless local live schedule, upstart noisy Americana trio ArchAnimals have released “Garden”, their second track of recorded material in as many months. The somewhat subdued offering provides a balanced look at the band’s Texas-tinged vocals, loosely intense percussion and dissonant mid-90s guitar riffing.

Live Picks: 02.23.2012 – 02.29.2012

02.23: Andy D – The Saint

02.24: See You In Mexico + Dominique LeJeune + The Rooks + High In One Eye – 3613 Chestnut

Yeah, of course punk is dead; it’s always dead. It died when a heroin-adled MC5 didn’t break, and again the year Blondie got rich off “Heart of Glass”, and again the day Nirvana signed to Geffen and again when Green Day tried to make their own Tommy. If there’s one lasting truth to punk’s entire story, it’s that it is always dying. For it to even truly exist in the first place, an artist needs a perfect storm of abrasiveness, energy and appeal – a nebulous form of bottled lightning that, almost by design, can’t last as long as it takes for someone else to find it again.

Yet that has never deterred Greg Rodrigue from living, breathing, pursuing and playing with the ethos that seems to perpetually outlast all who attempt to embody it. Business owner, Community Records founder and champion of all things DIY, he has spent the better part of his last half-decade helping to rebuild a New Orleans punk scene that, almost as fleetingly as punk itself, seems to constantly ebb and flow in and out of minor popularity among the city’s bored and alienated youth. Infrastructurally, Rodrigue has been largely successful thus far, and as a result the area has seen a rejuvenation of authentically reverent punk.

So it should be no surprise that the Rooks, even as a side project, are one of the most riveting bands in the city. De rigueur in their militant positivity and their desire to ignite short explosions of punk rock, bassist Rodrigue, Marathon/Choi Wolf drummer Rob Landry and Lollies guitarist Brian Pretus are pure life together on stage, though not necessarily in the old lightning in a bottle punk hackney: as a unit, the Rooks’ periphery presence is a conscious avoidance of the need to push superficial musical boundaries and instead the result of their need to affranchise a city – both as an avatar of the record collective whose existence the band’s members individually bolster and as a manifestation of the work it requires.

True to unconventional form, the band can be found hosting a house show on Friday to welcome a new addition to the New Orleans DIY community, A Billion Ernies singer and guitarist Ryan Leavelle and his wife Kassandra, who are moving to New Orleans all the way from Seattle, WA. Joining the Rooks will be local experimental punk duo High in One Eye and singer/songwriter/G-Eazy collaborator Dominique LeJeune, as well as Leavelle’s solo project See You In Mexico.

MP3: The Rooks: “Rat Pellet”

02.25: Royal Teeth + King Rey + Vox And The Hound – House Of Blues

02.28: Eternal Decay + Serpentis + Legions of Hoar Frost – Siberia

02.29: The Legendary Shack Shakers + The Dirt Daubers – One Eyed Jacks

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Live Picks: 12.01.2011 – 12.07.2011

12.01: He’s My Brother She’s My Sister + Empress Hotel – Tipitina’s

12.02: Royal Teeth – Republic

12.04: Mojo Nixon + Dash Rip Rock + Mahayla – Howlin’ Wolf

12.03: Coyotes + PALS + Donovan Wolfington – Breezy’s Spot Riverbend

12.05: Lovey Dovies + Follow That Bird + DJ Brice Nice – The Saint

If you were even a little heartsore when the Lovey Dovies appeared to call it quits seven months ago with a low-key swan song at Howlin’ Wolf Den in April and a one-off follow-up at the NOLA Brewery in May, it was probably encouraging to find out – just the other day – that these noisy college rock revivalists have quietly returned from the ether with a newfound lease on live music. You were probably surprised to also find out that they had recorded a series of demos in July – also only recently revealed; and you were probably altogether ecstatic to discover that they were recorded with aid from Eric Rogers of Empress Hotel and Antenna Inn as well as Travis Thompson and Kevin Comarda from Black Belt Band.

Appending an apparent wealth of good news from the Lovey Dovies camp is the abrupt announcement of a live return to New Orleans at the Saint on Monday night in a relatively altered form. With Rogers now sitting in on drums at least part-time, former drummer Dan Fox has moved up front to accompany lead singer and axeman James Hayes on second guitar – a move that may well give the band’s high-gain, heavily distorted muffle added layers of fuzz and jangle. The Lovey Dovies will be joined by Austin-based dissonant southern rockers Follow That Bird and one of the Saint’s most well-known late night residents, DJ Brice Nice.

MP3: Lovey Dovies: “Not Like You”

12.06: Little Maker + King Rey + Ashmen – One Eyed Jacks

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He’s My Brother She’s My Sister Raising Money For A Tour Van

Bands holding pledge drives to raise money for their artistic efforts is nothing new; in the last few years we’ve seen locals Sun Hotel solicit donations when they wanted to release their debut album on vinyl, Cliff Hines do the same to bring his Quintet to the East Coast, and Royal Teeth ask for the public’s help to travel to Charleston to record an EP.  Especially with music based projects, “crowd-funding” sites such as Kickstarter have created a unique co-op-styled ecosystem that allows artists to raise much needed capital without turning to major labels, all the while directly engaging and rewarding fans for their support.

The latest band to launch such a fundraising campaign is Los Angeles-based glam-folk revivalists He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, who are looking to purchase a tour van and spend more time on the road.  While the members of He’s My Brother She’s My Sister have no hard ties to New Orleans, we have a vested interested in the band’s touring efforts as their show this Thursday, December 1st, at Tipitina’s will mark HMBSMS’s third New Orleans stop in a just over year.  They followed a supporting role on Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s Fall tour with an unforgettable summer ramble at Breezy’s Spot, where the sweltering dance party that erupted during the encore pushed the uniquely appointed, quasi-legal performance space to it’s climate control limits.

The PledgeMusic campaign set up by real life brother and sister combo Rob and Rachel Kolar and Co. includes not only the kinds of rewards one would expect from a music project – autographed merch, a mention in the liner notes of their upcoming full-length debut  – but also some amazing and unique opportunities for those willing to open his or her wallet a bit wider. A $30 pledge gets you will get a limited edition karaoke sing-a-long version of the new album, and for $35, the band will create a customized voice mail greeting for you. $500 gets either private tap lessons from the lovely dancing percussionist Lauren Brown or a custom paint job on one of your instruments from bassist Oliver Newell; and for $5,000 the band will play your LA-area wedding.  Many more sponsorship levels are available, and all include the satisfaction of supporting an awesome group of talented independent artists.

MP3: He’s My Brother She’s My Sister: “Escape Tonight”

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister at