Live Picks: 02.16.2012 – 02.22.2012

02.16: Yeasayer (DJ set) + Force Feed Radio + Swiss Chriss + Christoph Andersson + Pr_ck – Eiffel Society

02.17: Supagroup – One Eyed Jacks

02.18: Caddywhompus + Big Rock Candy Mountain + Young Mammals + Donovan Wolfington – Cafe Prytania

02.19: Jack Oblivian + King Louie’s Missing Monuments + John Paul Keith – Siberia

02.20: Quintron and Miss Pussycat + Bass Drum Of Death + Har Mar Superstar + Marijuana Deathsquads – One Eyed Jacks

The last time Oxford, Mississippi’s Bass Drum of Death rolled through town, it was as part of what many have correctly identified as the most amazingly programmed show of 2011, an early October triple-feature that also included stripped down Houston psych-funk outfit Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Toro Y Moi. Bundick and Co.’s much belated New Orleans debut induced a pulsing, venue-wide dance party, and the frequency in which UMO erupted into slick intergalactic jams during their set made it one of the most unexpectedly delightful performances of recent memory; but it was Bass Drum of Death that stole the show that night, for doing what can only be accurately described as rocking really, really hard.

Despite the connotations of their (strong candidate for best band) name (in the history of music), the duo of John Barrett and Colin Snead offer one of the the most earnest takes on modern garage-punk the increasingly crowded field of vintage noise-rock revivalists has to offer.  Beyond the lo-fi aesthetic, their recorded material springs forth with an infectious vibrancy owned to fuzzed out guitarwork that still manages to be bright and sharp percussion work that is more likely to punctuate a driving riff with dexterous cymbal work than monstrous low-end.  But it’s the band’s live show, an unbridled explosion of primal energy that has been known to incite an all-female mosh pit or two, that feeds the band’s growing reputation as straightforward purveyors of unpretentious, undeniable rock ‘n’ roll.

They return to town this week for a well-deserved and tailor-made spot in Quintron’s annual Lundi Gras Blowout at One Eyed Jacks.  In a city steeped in musical tradition, this Monday night extravaganza hosted by Mr. Quintron and his performance art partner-in-crime Miss Pussycat is the “Neville Brothers on the second Sunday of Jazz Fest” for the rambunctious freak-out crowd, a rabid mass of followers that have turned the avant-noise alchemist into something of a local living legend. Sweaty, profane R&B crooner Har Mar Superstar along with Marijuana Deathsquads round out the bill, and the ladies of WTUL’s KG Accidental will be back on the 1’s and 2’s spinning the house music all night long.

MP3:  Bass Drum of Death: “Velvet Itch”

02.21: Lonely Lonely Knights + Guitar Lightnin Lee and the Thunder Band + Spooky Le Strange and Her Billion Dollar Babydolls – Saturn Bar

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The Barryfest Guide to New Orleans Bands at SXSW 2011

With Foburg only days behind us, its older, larger, captain-of-the-varsity-football-team brother, Austin’s annual South by Southwest Festival, will be officially underway in a matter of hours. For all the adventurous New Orleans cats willing to take the drive/flight to Texas, the experience can be at best completely overwhelming and at worst something akin to a hipster Apocalypse Now.

Though we’d all love to see the Strokes show from Levi’s or the Kanye and Radiohead secret shows, let’s be honest: it’s probably not going to happen. And if you’ve been unlucky enough to miss the RSVP’s for the all-day free food/free booze/free music festivals or failed to procure yourself a killer priority badge, your only option is to be prepared.

Barryfest is here to help, at least a tiny bit, with your preparation. We’ve put together a handy list of local and semi-local New Orleans acts that are taking the trip with you.


Fri, 3.18, 3:30pm – D’Addario Swinghouse Party @ Rusty Spurs (405 East 7th St.)
Fri, 3.18, 10:00pm – The Ale House (310 East 6th St.)

Big Freedia

Thur, 3.17, 12:30pm – Austin Convention Center (Special Lecture/Q&A at SXSW Conference)
Thur, 3.17, 5:00pm – Emo’s Annex (603 Red River)
Thur, 3.17, 10:30pm – Beauty Bar (617 East 7th St.)
Thur, 3.17, 12:00am – ND Studios (501 Studios – 501 I-35)
Fri, 3.18, Time TBA –  Big Easy East – Hotel Vegas (1500 East 6th St.)
Sat, 3.19, 5:30pm – w/ The Hookup + Katey Red – The Loft (718 Congress Ave.)
Sat, 3.19, 8:00pm – Mess With Texas – The East Side Drive In (Corner of 6th and San Marcos)
Sun, 3.20, 1:00pm – w/ GayBiGayGay + Katey Red @ Rogge Ranch (3506 Rogge Lane)

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Thur, 3.17, 2:30am – Backyard party (2807B East 22nd St.)
Fri, 3.18, 4:30pm – Red Eyed Fly (715 Red River)
Fri, 3.18, 7:00pm – Hotel Vegas (1500 E 6th St.)
Fri, 3.18, 1:00am – Pearl Street Co-op (2000 Pearl St.)

Brass Bed

Wed, 3.16, 1:15pm – Riot Act Showcase @ The Ghost Room (304 West 4th St.)
Wed, 3.16, Time TBA – The Parrish (214 East 6th Street)
Fri, 3.18, 9:00pm – Park The Van Showcase @ Mi Casa Cantina (503 East 6th St.)


Wed, 3.16, 8:30pm – Skanky Possum 1yr reunion show (2925 Higgins St.)
Wed, 3.6, 5:00pm – Slip n Slide Party @ Second House (1102 e. 2nd St.)
Thur, 3.17, 12:00pm – Free pancakes + beer @ Cherrywood Coffee (1400 East 38th 1/2 St.)
Thur, 3.17, 3:00pm – NNASA House Show w/ Sun Hotel + Candy Claws (1605 Sanchez)
Thurs, 3.17, 12:15am – W/ Baths + Reading Rainbow @ CheerUp Charlie’s (1104 East 6th St.)
Fri, 3.18, 4:30pm – Pearl Street Co-Op Party (1906 Pearl St.)
Fri, 3.18, 8:00pm – Big Easy Fest w/ Sun Hotel @ Hotel Vegas (1500 E 6th St.)
Sat, 3.19, 2:00pm – NOLA Showcase w/ Sun Hotel @ St. Roch’s Bar (515 Pedernales St.)
Sat, 3.19, 6:00pm – 21st Street Co-op Party w/ Sun Hotel (707 West 21st St.)
Sun, 3.20, 8:00pm – Blackfoot House Party w/The Eastern Sea (3609 Wilson)

Cliff Hines Quintet

Sat, 3.19, 3:00pm – Nomad’s Bar (1213 Corona Dr.)
Sat, 3.19, 8:00pm – Historic Victory Grill (1104 East 11th St.)
Sun, 3.20, 3:20pm – Antigravity Presents @ Green House (701 East 53rd St.)

Dirty Dozen Brass Band + Pine Leaf Boys + Big Chief Monk Boudreaux + Henry Butler

Thur, 3.17, 1:00pm – HBO Treme Showcase @ The Ghost Room (304 West 4th St.)

DJ Quickie Mart

Tue, 3.15,  – Rusty Spurs (405 East 7th St.)
Wed, 3.16, 12:00am – Suite 101 (101 West 5th St.)
Thur, 3.17, 8:00pm – Lipstick 24 (607 East 7th St.)
Fri, 3.18, Time TBA – Dirty Bill’s (511 Rio Grande St.)
Fri, 3.18, 11:00pm – Hotel Vegas (1500 E 6th St.)
Sat, 3.19, 12:00am – Silent Disco Party @ The Enchanted Forrest (1412 W Oltorf)

Empress Hotel

Tue, 3.15, 4:00pm – Micah McKee solo @ Thai Fresh (909 West Mary St, #B)
Tue, 3.15, 7:45pm – Cheer Up Charlie’s (1104 East 6th St.)
Wed, 3.16, 10:00pm – Holy Smokes Booking Showcase @ Light Bar (408 Congress Ave.)
Thur, 3.17, 5:00pm – Skinny’s Ballroom & Radio Station (115 San Jacinto Blvd.)
Fri, 3.18, 2:00pm – LA Crawfish Boil Showcase @ Hotel Vegas (1500 E 6th St.)
Fri, 3.18, 8:00pm – Park The Van showcase @ Mi Casa Cantina (503 East 6th St.)
Sat, 3.19, 7:00pm – Historic Victory Grill (1104 East 11th St.)

Eric Lindell

Sat, 3.19, 11:00pm – Historic Victory Grill (1104 East 11th St.)

Flow Tribe

Fri, 3.18, 6:00pm – Hotel Vegas (1500 East 6th St.)
Sat, 3.19, 12:30pm – Nomad’s Bar (1213 Corona Dr.)
Sat, 3.19, 9:00pm – Historic Victory Grill (1104 East 11th St.)
Sun, 3.20, 1:00pm – Headhunters SxSW Showcase (720 Red River)

The Generationals

Wed, 3.16, 3:00pm – Force Field PR/Terrorbird Media Party @ Red 7 (611 East 7th St.)
Thur, 3.17, 2:00pm – Waterloo Records (600 North Lamar, Ste A)
Thur, 3.17, 5:15pm – Treehouse Party @ Cheers (416 East 6th St.)
Fri, 3.18, 3:00pm – Red House Pizzeria (1917 Manor Road)
Fri, 3.18, 4:55pm – The Eastern
Fri, 3.18, 9:00pm – The Orchard Showcase @ Cedar Street Courtyard (208 West 4th St.)
Fri, 3.18, 1:00am – Park The Van showcase @ Mi Casa Cantina (503 East 6th St.)
Sat, 3.19, 12:00pm – KUT Cactus Cafe (2247 Guadalupe St.)


Wed, 3.16, 2:15pm – Mohawk (912 Red River)
Thur, 3.17, 1:30pm – Fader Fort (1101 East 5th St.)
Thur, 3.17, 6:00pm – Lustre Pearl (97 Rainey St.)
Fri, 3.18, 4:00pm – Emo’s (603 Red River)
Fri, 3.18, 12:00am – Momo’s (618 West 6th St.)
Sat, 3.19, 11:00pm – Emo’s Jr. (603 Red River)

Honeyboy Carencro

Sat, 3.19, 9:00pm – Historic Victory Grill (1104 East 11th St.)

Katey Red

Sat, 3.19, 5:30pm – w/ The Hookup + Big Freedia – The Loft (718 Congress Ave.)
Sat, 3.19, 1:30am – Kiss & Fly (404 Colorado St.)
Sun, 3.20, 1:00pm – w/ GayBiGayGay + Big Freedia @ Rogge Ranch (3506 Rogge Lane)

Mia Borders

Fri, 3.18, 10:30pm – Tiniest Bar in Texas (817 West 5th St.)
Sat, 3.19, 8:30pm – Historic Victory Grill (1104 East 11th St.)

Native America

Fri, 3.18, 11:00pm –  Park The Van Showcase @ Mi Casa Cantina (503 East 6th St.)

Quintron & Miss Pussycat

Thur, 3.17, 1:00am – CMRTYZ Party @ empty lot behind Cheer Up Charlie’s (1104 E. 6th St.)
Fri, 3.18, 1:00am – Goner Showcase @ Beerland (711 Red River)
Sat, 3.19, 1:00am – Panache Showcase @ The Mohawk (912 Red River)

Truth Universal

Fri, 3.18, 11:30pm – The Marq (422 North Congress Ave.)

Vockah Redu

Sat, 3.19, 1:30am – Kiss & Fly (404 Colorado St.)

Quintron and Miss Pussycat Announce New Album, Tour

Local organist/mad scientist Quintron and his performance artist partner in crime Miss Pussycat just put the finishing touches on a new album, Sucre Du Savage, recorded under circumstances that can be considered unique even by the standards of the Crescent City’s most esoteric musical duo.  As part of the exhibit “Parallel Universe – Quintron and Miss Pussycat Live at City Park”, the husband/wife team reported to the New Orleans Museum of Art (located in scenic City Park) every day for three months to record the album in completely public gallery space.  It should come as no surprise that things got weird at the end:

Quintron also spent the last seven days of the exhibit roaming around the New Orleans City Park taking field recordings. That journey outside led to the album’s split nature; part one features Quintron writing the way he usually does but with far wider instrumentation, with tympani, vibraphone, whistling, and tape loops joining the ranks of Drum Buddy and electric organ. Part two, on the other hand, features the the musician blending the sounds of nature and various electronic and acoustic instruments.

To celebrate and promote the new album (and probably knock out any lingering cabin fever) Quinton and Miss Pussycat are taking a swing through the Gulf South, including a residency at the Bruise Cruise Festival, before heading back to New Orleans in time for Mardi Gras.  They will be hosting the Spellcaster Maritime Ball on March 5 and returning to One Eyed Jacks for their annual Lundi Gras extravaganza, this year joined by The Black Lips, Vockah Redu and Turbo Fruits.

Quintron offers a taste of Sucre Du Sauvage this April « Consequence of Sound.