Photoset // Sun Hotel + Leaving + Ben Jones: 10.07.2011

Sun Hotel + Leaving + Ben Jones performing at One Eyed Jacks on October 7, 2011

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Live Picks: 10.06.2011 – 10.12.2011

10.06: Sore Eros + Renderers + Julie Odell – The Saint

10.07: Sun Hotel + Leaving + Ben Jones – One Eyed Jacks

It’s no secret we give the post-Gospel swamp rockers in Sun Hotel a lot of press, but equally obvious should be how and why they manage to keep the attention of local music enthusiasts of all stripes: These guys never stop.  This insistence on perpetual motion – touring, recording, solo/side project-ing – has imbued the band with an impressive combination of focus and prolificity in the year since they released their full-length debut, Coast.  Even the amicable departure of drummer Devin Hildebrand – forcing former multi-instrumentalist Ross Farbe behind a full-kit just as the gang of five already seemed to be working overtime to recreate their increasingly expansive new compositions in a live setting – didn’t slow down the band’s unflappable momentum.

The sheer cacophony of the former two-man percussive attack is gone, as is the spinning depth of field they flashed in some of the final shows as a quintet;  but in its place is a sharp and energized new sound that gives even the most brooding dirges a tight, punched-up disposition without compromising the heavy, atmospheric mood found on new EP Gifts.  The newly minted four-piece will be joined by Baton Rouge’s Leaving and Ben Jones, formerly of Giant Cloud, at One Eyed Jacks to celebrate the release.

MP3: Sun Hotel: “Ease”

(And if this lovely weather has you in the mood to make it a double-header, the archduke of Frenchman Street, Luke Winslow-King, is bringing the soulful croon and dynamically elegant ragtime guitar chops that fill The Spotted Cat, Yuki and Three Muses on a weekly basis to the great outdoors for an early evening performance.  He will be joined by former Generational and Elephantman Au Ras Au Ras in the Newcomb Sculpture Garden for an 8pm show that should be wrapping up just as the bands are taking the stage at One Eyed Jacks: WTUL Presents Luke Winslow King Trio and Au Ras Au Ras!)

10.08: New Grass Country Club + Buxton + Ben Jones – Cafe Prytania

10.09: Dark Dark Dark + A Hack And A Hacksaw + Pillars and Tongues – AllWays Lounge

10.10: Toro Y Moi + Unknown Mortal Orchestra + Bass Drum of Death – One Eyed Jacks

10.11: Das Racist – Howlin’ Wolf

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