Live Picks: 05.12.2011 – 05.18.2011

05.12: Junip + The Acrylics – Republic

05.13: Smiley With A Knife + A Living Soundtrack + Black Belt – One Eyed Jacks

It is hard to get too excited for a show when you know it is going to be a band’s last, especially when the band at issue is local instrumental face-melters Smiley With A Knife.  It was at many a Smiley With A Knife show that Barryfest’s mission was conceived and fleshed out, as the virtuosic experimentation taking place on stage – or, more commonly, on the floor in the middle of the crowd – simultaneously blew our minds and helped open our eyes to the magnificent diversity the New Orleans music scene has to offer.

In this vein, Smiley With A Knife was more than just a really great local band, they were ambassadors for progressive and instrumental music, supporting legendary national acts such as Tera Melos, Unwed Sailor, and Zorch when they passed through town as well as spreading the gospel through their own intricate yet accessible compositions.

This continues even as SWAK bids us farewell: the bill also includes newly re-vamped performance art-rock outfit A Living Soundtrack and long-time New Orleans underground institution The Black Belt Band.  And seeing as it is only a matter of time before the talented members of Smiley With A Knife pop up with new musical projects, there are, in fact, plenty of reasons to be excited for Friday night.

MP3: Smiley With A Knife: “Egyptian Porridge”

05.14: High In One Eye + Proud Father – Mudlark Theater

05.15: Lovey Dovies + Sam Cammarata + Big Blue Marble + Felix + White Colla Crimes – NOLA Brewery

05.16: Mustard Plug + The Lollies + The Local Skank + Joystick –  Dragon’s Den Upstairs

05.17: Marcell Benetti + Helen Gillet + Rex Gregory – Blue Nile Balcony Room

05.18: Camper Van Beethoven + Cracker + Mahayla – Tipitina’s

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