Photoset // Habitat + Pile + Y’all: 09.11.2012

Habitat + Pile + Y’all performing at One Eyed Jacks on September 11, 2012

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Live Picks: 09.13.2012 – 09.19.2012

09.13: The Tangle + Dresden + The Stairwells – Circle Bar

09.14: Baby Bee + King Rey + Sports and Leisure – Parish @ House of Blues

09.15: Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun + Coyotes + Alexis and The Samurai – Circle Bar

09.16: Jack Donovan + Chris Rehm + Andrew Landry – Mudlark Theater

There has never been anything secret about our love for Breezy’s, the coffee-shop turned apartment turned multipurpose art space that spent the summer of 2011 as the undisputed king of New Orleans DIY live music venues.  Under the tutelage of talent buyer/promoter Mike Twillman and owner Micah Burns (and with the help of a constantly expanding motley crew of supporters) a deceptively unassuming Freret-area home with a legendary bohemian past felt like the nexus of the city’s burgeoning independent rock explosion, even if only for a brief moment in time.

The building’s crumbling walls and ceiling seemed to be held together by the heavily patinated concert posters, newspaper clippings and photographs that covered them, which gave the venue a strangely imprecise aura that beautifully juxtaposed the fresh and exciting programming it hosted.  And whether you credit its easy-going proprietors, the eager young crowds it attracted or diverse music scene it served, Breezy’s grew into an under-the-radar institution unlike many others that came before it or have come since.  It seemed exclusive without being exclusionary, underground but also accessible, and outsider without an overt preoccupation with being edgy.

But even after just one visit to the mystical funhouse at the corner of Soniat and LaSalle, anyone would have guessed the days of Breezy’s original spot were numbered. It was just too good, with a mission too pure to exist in a city as corrupt and morally bankrupt as ours. (Also, almost every aspect of the enterprise was probably completely illegal.) So while it only took six months for the powers that be to shutter Breezy’s first incarnation, the quintessentiality of the concept of Breezy’s became apparent almost immediately. After a short but notable stint in a Pigeontown backyard, Twillman and Burns have taken a broad leap towards sustainability by moving Breezy’s underground spirit into a legitimate commercial space: Breezy’s on Freret, in the heart of the revitalized Freret corridor and just blocks from where it all started, is due to open in a matter of weeks.

This Sunday’s afternoon matinee at Mudlark Theater – a cherished DIY institution in its own right – is part of a final push to bring Breezy’s on Freret up to full speed in time for the jam-packed fall concert season.  While donations will be accepted at the door, the event’s main goal is to raise awareness of the team’s Kickstarter campaign, which (if successful) will allow the new rock club to open with a professional grade soundsystem in place. Music will be provided by the Breezy’s mainstays of Chinquapin Records and will feature stripped down sets from Habitat‘s Jack Donovan, High In One Eye‘s Andrew Landy and Caddywhompus‘ Chris Rehm plus a promised host of special guests.

09.17: Black Taxi + Aerial Attack – One Eyed Jacks

09.18: Beach House + Dustin Wong – Tipitina’s

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Live Picks: 04.26.2012 – 05.02.2012

04.26: Vox and the Hound + Gold and the Rush + The Jonesbirds + Sports & Leisure – The Hookah

04.27: Givers + Habitat – One Eyed Jacks

It’s practically a no-brainer that on a week which neatly serves as a backdrop to the first three days of Jazz Fest, that the New Orleans late night music calendar will be bursting at the seems with dynamically talented musicians of every genre vying for the attention of those festivalgoers with the gumption to take the entire experience to its logical extremes. As a consequence, many artists – finding themselves pulling two performances a day (one at the Fest and one after) – are running on the very same kinetic energy as those brave and untiring audiences.

But perhaps no doubleheader of Jazz Fest’s first weekend has the potential to be as thrilling as that of GIVERS, a Lafayette-based indie pop group that really needs no introduction in this area of the country. As anyone even casually aware of the national indie rock zeitgeist knows, the past two years have seen this young band on a creative and touring tear through every section of North America and parts of Europe and as a result they’ve virtually become branded by their pitch perfect live endurance. Lighthearted, upbeat and masterfully instrumental, the five-piece – led by male/female vocal duo Taylor Guarisco and Tiffany Lamson – perfectly embodies the balance between uproarious stage spectacle and the joy of audience enthusiasm-inspired accessibility.

On Friday night, after a 3:45pm set at Jazz Fest’s Gentilly Stage, GIVERS will be making their way to One Eyed Jacks for an evening with local on-the-rise experimental noise pop trio Habitat, presented by SimplePlay Productions and WTUL.

MP3: GIVERS: “Saw You First”

MP3: Habitat: “Miracle of Deafness (Live from Bedroom Sessions)”

04.28: Empress Hotel + Mahayla + Bantam Foxes – Circle Bar

04.29: Billy Iuso & the Restless Natives – Sandpiper Lounge

04.30: The Bruisers + O.L.D. + Bunny & the Playboys – Circle Bar

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Photoset // Community Records Block Party: 04.21.2012

A Billion Ernies, All People, B L A C K I E, Brunt Of It, Caddywhompus, Choi Wolf, Controller, Dominique LeJeune, Good Luck, Habitat, Joystick, Left Alone, Mad Conductor, Maddie Ruthless, Matt Wixon’s Flying Circus, Murphy’s Kids, Mustard Plug, Safety, and The Lollies performing at The Big Top on April 21, 2012 for the 2012 Community Records Block Party

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Live Picks: 03.22.2012 – 03.28.2012

03.22: Fort Wilson Riot + Pals + Glish – Circle Bar

03.23: Habitat + Donovan Wolfington – Ampersand

Even the most avid New Orleans area concert-goer could be excused if he or she has never stepped foot inside Ampersand, the former Whitney Bank turned plush downtown discotheque.  Sure, we’ve all heard of the place – home to the infamous Electronic Takeover pool parties, NeonGlow raves and many an all-night rager featuring the likes of Diplo or Paul Oakenfold reveling in the unbridled enthusiasm of this city’s young beatnuts and techno fans – but it’s not exactly the kind of venue frequented by those without an inclination towards the house and dubstep DJs who keep the place packed every weekend.

Which is a shame really, considering Ampersand, like any establishment that caters to the discriminating and devoted fans of electronica, is equipped with one of the most high end sound, light and stage setups you will find in the entire city.  The renovated industrial space is a multi-level funhouse of bars, booths, secret balconies and spacious courtyards, every inch of the place unapologetically over the top and about as far away from anything you will find at more traditional rock haunts as is physically possible.

But just as equally swagged out dance club Eiffel Society did last fall, Ampersand is testing the indie rock waters by letting a few local bands open up their weekly “Vice Club” parties before a DJ hops in the booth. This Friday night’s double feature brings heat-seeking young bands Habitat and Donovan Wolfington out of the basement and backyard and on to the most tricked out stage they’ve played to date, which is sure to add an extra layer of intensity to each’s lush songs and dazzling performances. Rising from the ashes of (New Grass) Country Club, Habitat is singer and guitarist Jack Donovan’s latest configuration of the mountains of talent floating around the Chinquapin Records Universe.  With Andrew Landry and Evan Ctanovtich of High In One Eye behind him, Donovan continues Country Club’s tradition of ferociously mashing up every genre from Americana to post-rock but injects the new tunes with a math-focused progressive streak that makes for some of the most dynamic music currently being locally produced. And with a unique and encouraging amalgamation of unrefined indie pop and noisy proto-emo, Donovan Wolfington (no relation to Donovan, Jack) have quickly risen to the top of the exciting new class of Tulane/Loyola bands on the strength of a slew of basement performances in and around the campus area since late 2011.

03.24: The Dieners + DJ Brice Nice – Circle Bar

03.25: Dead Prez + Truth Universal + Na’Tee + Chels + Melaphyre – Maison

03.27: Ben Folds + Minus The Bear – McAllister Auditorium

03.28: Parenthetical Girls + Whom Do You Work For? – Circle Bar

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