Contact Us

Artists / Bands / Musicians

We want to hear and see you (especially if you hail from the greater New Orleans area).  Send us your music. Tell us about your shows. We will listen. We will go. We will write about it and take pictures. We will drink our asses off so you get more money from your cut of the bar.

Venues / Promoters / Organizers

We try our best to check all websites, newsletters, coffee shop bulletin boards, utility poles etc. when compiling our live music calendar (which we use to offer live picks and previews).  If we are missing anything, tell us about it. If any of our listed information is inaccurate or out-of-date, tell us about that, too.

Readers / Supporters / Fellow Enthusiasts

Give us your feedback! If you agree or disagree with a review, leave comments on the post or contact the author directly. If we aren’t covering a local band that regularly melts faces, educate us.  If we are letting anything else at all fall through the cracks, make it known. And if you see us at a show, say hi.

All digital questions, comments, concerns, press kits, concert listings, links, files, songs and albums should be sent to: hello (at) barryfest (dot) com.

Analog versions of any of the above (or more) can be mailed to: World Headquarters
c/o Matt Rosenthal
1102 Constance Street
New Orleans, LA 70130


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