Barryfest is a independent, not-for-profit music blog conceived with one simple goal: to document the music of New Orleans and beyond, because that is what we like and that is where we live.  But we are here not only to report what goes on in bars, backyards and basements all over the city. We are here to celebrate it, raising awareness of the artists, promoters and venues whose hard work keep the New Orleans music scene diverse and exciting.

You can count on us for live reviews, photosets and news, but you should also know that we are prone to random and varied flights of fancy, whether that be embarking on a mission to [intlink id=”11″ type=”category”]create an infographic for every Steely Dan song[/intlink] or taking a critical look at the set dressing of [intlink id=”13″ type=”category”]Empire Records[/intlink].  We also have really funny and insightful friends with fascinating ideas and interesting opinions on a whole host of different subjects.  Barryfest will be an outlet for all that stuff as well, because shared musical experiences are often about more than just the sounds coming out of a speaker. At least they are for us.

Thank you for stopping by.  Enjoy.

Matt and Taylor


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