Live Picks: 10.04.2012 – 10.10.2012

10.04: Tops + Dominique Lejeune + DeftJams – One Eyed Jacks

10.05: Merchandise + Glish + Loveless – The Big Top

10.06: Chef Menteur + Whom Do You Work For? – The Circle Bar

10.07: Habitat + Woozy + Gnarwhal – The Big Top

10.08: Bombay Bicycle Club + Vacationeer + Sports & Leisure – House Of Blues

10.09: Bipolaroid + Trampoline Team + Holy Wave + DJ 9ris 9ris – SIBERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re not going to lie, when City Hall started their inexplicable war against a few of the city’s most quintessential live music venues, we did not think it was going to last very long.  And for some, it didn’t.  Circle Bar had to cancel barely a week of shows before they navigated the draconian hoops of jargon and bullshit that beset the path to legitimacy on all sides.  But for whatever reason, Siberia – the young St. Claude rock club that shattered all land speed records during it meteoric rise to venerability – was left out in the cold for nearly three months.

Though one of the most consistently impressive musical operations in the city and a club that has operated for two nearly-complaint free years just steps away two other music clubs, Siberia had to completely clear its schedule, canceling on the dozens of local musicians and nationally touring bands it had on the books.  The slowdown forced them to lay off half their staff, and even when the place seemed to catch a break, it didn’t really catch a break.  Hurricane Isaac delayed their long-awaited hearing in front of the New Orleans City Planning Commission, and as a conciliation they were granted a handful of temporary live music permits – at the effectively cost-prohibitive price of roughly $300 per night of music.

But the pointless aggression has at least been put on hiatus, as last week Siberia was mercifully allowed to resume all live entertainment while the city reviews their permit application.  Local psychedelic garage rockers Bipolaroid – who spent the better part of the live music crackdown working on their upcoming forth album – have the distinct honor of welcoming Siberia back to the fold.  They will be joined by Austin’s Holy Wave and local newcomers Trampoline Team.

10.10: River City Extention + Winter Sounds – Circle Bar

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