Live Picks: 08.23.2012 – 08.29.2012

08.23: Michael Girardot’s Macrofuns + Mississippi Shakedown – Circle Bar

08.24: Alexis and the Samurai + England in 1819 + ImagineIAM – Howlin’ Wolf Den

08.25: Coyotes + Gold And The Rush + Sports & Leisure – Carrollton Station

As a unit, Sports & Leisure have only been a presence in the New Orleans underground musical consciousness since October 2011, but the band’s individual players possess as impressive and diverse a musical pedigree as any local act currently playing. Though this orchestal-leaning indie pop band is the first major project embarked upon by former MyNameIsJohnMichael keyboardist and guitarist Richard Leo Dubourg, S&L is arguably much more than yet another offshoot from that aforementioned band’s prolific member exodus. Touting Solid Fuzz drummer Russell Shelton and Silent Game guitarist Scott Hannan as well as BJ Blue, Whitney Brown and Jeremy Peres, who share between them memberships in hiatus’d alternative rock band the Green Genes and early 2000s progressive screamo outfit Infinite Hours, Sports & Leisure’s work was cut out for them as they spent late 2011 and early 2012 searching for chemistry where there was already no lack of physical talent. After an impressive string of performances earlier this summer and a trip to the studio to put down their first offerings of recorded material, what is obvious to many at this point is how Sports & Leisure has quickly managed to match their complex – often jarring – milieu of folk, indie pop and psychedelic miscellanea with an organic tightness and a fantastic level of onstage energy.

This Saturday night they join forces with two other up-and-coming local acts, Americana indie band Coyotes and raucous southern rockers Gold and the Rush for a night at Carrollton Station, a venue which is mere blocks from an evening of cocktail-fueled rowdiness and bizarre costuming courtesy of the Krewe of Oak’s A Midsummer Night’s Mardi Gras. The post-party concert is set to beginning promptly after the krewe parades down Oak Street at 9:00pm.

08.27: Vox and the Hound + Birds and Batteries – Circle Bar

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