Live Picks: 08.09.2012 – 08.15.2012

08.09: The Eastern Sea + Native America + Sharks’ Teeth – One Eyed Jacks

Although their last trip to New Orleans was just a little over a month ago, it feels like The Eastern Sea we’re talking about right now are a completely different monster than the group who passed through town at the beginning of July.  There was no doubt plenty to be said about one of Austin’s most impressive exports leading up to that particular gig (a Carrollton Station show that marked Vox And The Hound‘s homecoming and the back half of a co-headlining doubleheader  between the two bands), as their ornate mix of spacey folk and atmospheric post-rock has been flooring listeners pretty much since the day lead singer Matt Hines began self-producing meticulously sprawling soundscapes in his bedroom in 2005.

And if you had the pleasure of seeing The Easter Sea help local heroes Sun Hotel release Coast at One Eyed Jacks in the fall of 2010, or perhaps caught a snippet of the ever expanding and contracting orchestra at South By Southwest or CMJ in recent years, you would have had good reason to be excited for their valiant return to town last month. But in only thirty days time an Eastern Sea performance has gone from highly recommended to nothing short of required, appointment viewing.  They killed at Carrollton Station, the new album they just put out is an all-consuming masterpiece and their current 7-piece touring outfit perfectly navigates the tension-filled narratives and robust instrumental panoramas of the long-awaited Plague with an expressive energy that adds yet another dimension to the dazzling compositions on their full-length debut.

The bill for Thursday night’s early show will be something of a reunion of the aforementioned One Eyed Jacks show of almost two years ago.  But instead of sharing the stage with Sun Hotel, The Eastern Sea will receive support from the band’s two spacey off-shoots: Native America – comprised of Sun Hotel’s John St. Cyr and Ross Farbe along with Country Club’s Ray Micarelli – and Sharks’ Teeth – the experimental noise project of uber-prolific Sun Hotel front man Tyler Scurlock.

MP3: The Eastern Sea: “Santa Rosa”

08.11: Gravity A – One Eyed Jacks

08.12: Glish + Self Help Tapes + No Clouds – The Big Top

08.14: Canadian Rifle + Adults + Heat Dust – United Bakery

08.15: Shovels and Rope + MyNameIsJohnMichael + Folk Family Revival – One Eyed Jacks

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