Live Picks: 07.26.2012 – 08.01.2012

07.26: You Blew It! + The Rooks + Les Doux + Shark Bait + Brent Houzenga – The Big Top

07.27: The Iko Allstars + Colin Lake – Tipitina’s

07.28: Quintron and Miss Pussycat + Gary Wrong – One Eyed Jacks

07.29: The Cons and Prose – Circle Bar

07.31: Glish + ArchAnimals + Big Waves of Pretty – Banks Street Bar

08.01: Heat Dust + Adults + The Fagettes + The Clap – The Saint

Although it seems like only yesterday, it has been almost nine months since Austin-bred singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Jasper den Hartigh dive bombed New Orleans’ DIY music scene with his latest project Heat Dust.  After releasing a genre-defining eponymous EP in late 2011, the post-fuzz outfit when on a live tear, splitting a string of bills all over the city with similarly newcoming spacegaze supergroup Glish. As each show devolved into a splendidly raucous miasma of crowd-surfing and property destruction, both bands cemented their places near the head of local punk rock’s newest wave.

Seeing and hearing den Hartigh lace his piercing tirades with the controlled chaos of willfully dispatched feedback, there is no doubt these guys are heavy as shit.  But even when the sometimes ethereal vocal harmonies present on their recorded material are casualties to the subprime sound systems common in most of New Orleans’ small rooms, there’s a resonance in Heat Dust’s canon beyond the reverb of the lo-fi  paradigm.  The immediacy of Clayton Hunt’s frenetic drumming cuts a deep swath for bassist Shawn Tabor’s throaty bass thumps, adding an extra dimension to washed-out guitar drone that is intense and angular enough to be a spectacle in and of itself.

The mid-week show at the Saint will kick off Heat Dust’s most ambitious tour to date, a two-week, play-every-day journey up the east coast and back with fellow New Orleans punks Adults.  The free show also features Boston co-ed surf rockers The Fagettes and Atlanta’s The Clap.

MP3: Heat Dust: “I Was Afraid Of Dying”

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