Live Picks: 07.19.2012 – 07.25.2012

07.20: Adults + Mystic Inane + VHS – United Bakery

07.21: Vockah Redu & the Cru + Boyfriend – The Big Top

We’re way past the point of debating the merits and socioethnic implications of modern bounce music or its cross-dressing sub-genus. At this stage of the game, it’d be a waste of time to even resubmit the same, perpetually cliched questions about the phenomenon (“Is it music, or art, or simply an experience? Or all three? Or is it something new? And why do white kids love it so much?”). No, by now we’re all heavily engaged in the fun part, where we get to freely decide who our favorites are. Naturally, there’s something to be said for nearly every single enigmatic personality that inhabits this aught-10’s New Orleans bounce community whether it be the intense Sissy Nobby, arguable progenitor of the movement Katey Red or Big Freedia, the undisputed luminary and preceptor for the nation at large.

However, for my money, there is simply nothing on the planet like Vockah Redu. Though often falling under the radar of most New Orleans outsiders and local, casual showgoers, Vockah Redu and the Cru have been slowly but emphatically growing a fan base while existing on the fringes of Bounce itself for the last four years. Indeed, one will rarely find this act on the bill of one of the city’s many bounce showcases; they instead tend to opt for something decidedly less predictable (See Quintron’s Lundi Gras 2011 concert featuring the likes of garage punk acts Turbo Fruits and the Black Lips, where Redu and his Cru drenched a sardine-packed room of molly ravers and acid eaters in an overwhelming primer of sweat and life-affirming energy). It’s a mix of dance, rhythm and crowd-baiting that most every bounce artist in town molds to his or her own liking but that few can deliver with the eye-popping transcendence of Vockah Redu: Without singing, rapping or playing a single instrument, he is Prince, Andre Benjamin and Jimi Hendrix all rolled into one mesmerizing and cultish persona.

This saturday, Vockah Redu and the Cru go by burgeoning DIY arthouse the Big Top with Boyfriend for the Summer Sauna Bounce Party.

MP3: Vockah Redu: “Shake Yo Bones”

07.22: Toadies + Helmet – One Eyed Jacks

07.23: The Slants + Chinatown Dance Rock + Consortium of Genius – Howlin’ Wolf Den

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