Preview // Creepy Fest 2012

Though the subversives behind local b-movie film aficionado group Terror Optics Studios and its off-shoot horrorcore label Sheer Terror Records aren’t the type one would expect to hear bragging about, or even taking serious notice of, any measure of success, it shouldn’t be any surprise that the ultra-DIY punk festival known as Creepy Fest has been steadily growing under the radar of even the city’s most attentive music junkies. In it’s fourth year, the citywide festival catering to all things jagged, aggressive, terrifying and downright adrenal seems to be not just ballooning in size but also widening in geographical scope, the result of bands as well as venues eager to take part in what is arguably the most community-minded festival experience in New Orleans.

Broken up over five nights and seven venues, Creepy Fest 2012 will boast roughly 40 acts hailng from the Louisiana/Gulf Coast area. Once again taking up the job as festival kickoff headliners, raucous instrumental surf trio the Unnaturals will perform along side a b-movie double feature at the Big Top Wednesday night, while Thursday finds hardcore surf band the Bills and self-proclaimed “lazy punk” act the Poots at the Saturn Bar. Friday’s free double header has Checkpoint Charlie’s hosting the likes of horror punk heroes the Pallbearers and ultra-rad hardcore parody Dummy Dumpster; meanwhile, the Dragon’s Den, one of several new venue entries since last year, has aggressive rockers Fat Camp and noise band Interior Decorating. Saturday, boasting a slightly higher-priced package of $10 for both shows, brings neighbor venues Siberia and Hi-Ho Lounge into the mix with New Jersey-based early 90s punk rock legends Electric Frankenstein and local skate thrashers Toxic Rott. Finishing up the lengthy festival on Sunday, not-so-recently reopened Circle Bar welcomes a stacked lineup that includes locals the Split () Lips and Classhole as well as Mobile, Alabama power pop quartet the Suzies.

With a price tag of $5 per show, save for Free Friday and $10 Saturday (or $25 for the entire weekend), the entrance fee to this massive and expansive underground festival is as reasonable as they get.

Creepy Fest 2012 Schedule


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