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Live Picks: 07.05.2012 – 07.11.2012

07.05: Bantam Foxes + Bones + The Manichean – Circle Bar

07.06: Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes + Gravy – Tipitina’s

07.07: Vox And The Hound + The Eastern Sea- Carrollton Station

These days, it’s hard to not be excited about local western-folk renaissance men Vox And The Hound.  After a winter in the studio and an eventful spring capped off with a show-stopping trip to South By Southwest, Vox have been hard to find on hometown stages for the better part of the last three months.  But that’s not to say the band has been taking it easy.  On the contrary, actually, as the brutally swampy transition into the 2012 New Orleans summer may have been one of the most eventful and important stretches in Vox And The Hound’s relatively short but luminescent history.

By the end of April, Vox And The Hound had annihilated a Kickstarter campaign set up to give their forthcoming full-length debut a deluxe vinyl pressing, and Daytrotter recently released the beautiful session they laid down during their aforementioned swing through Austin in March.  The days and weeks since have been spent fulfilling Kickstarter rewards – including a performance of their new material with full orchestration in a private concert at the Living Room Studio, filmed and recorded by the Greenhouse Collective – scouting locations for a music video, and otherwise gearing up for the release of what is sure to be one of the most highly anticipated albums of the fall.

Saturday’s show is the finale of a recent mini-tour to Texas and back, and is one of a few choice gigs Vox has on the books before Courage drops in November.  They will be joined at Carrollton Station by constantly-evolving Austin-based atmospheric lyric-rock project The Eastern Sea, who make a long-awaited return to New Orleans touring in support of their equally long-awaited full length debut, Plague.

MP3: Vox and the Hound: “The Man You Thought Was King”

07.08: The Lollies + The Silent Game – The Big Top

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