Live Picks: 06.28.2012 – 07.04.2012

06.28: The Flaming Lips – House of Blues

06.29: The Revivalists + Stokeswood – One Eyed Jacks

06.30: The Unnaturals – Le Bon Temps Roule

It can be said that the legacy of modern New Orleans artists is not an adherence to the old guard of our city’s long history, but their ability to fantastically fuse disparate styles of indigenous music to create something wholly their own. Anyone from Trombone Shorty to Rebirth Brass Band to Galactic to Big Sam Williams and His Funky Nation could be obvious proof of such a notion, though perhaps the argument can simply be made by pointing out the exception that proves the rule: The Unnaturals. Though they have virtually nothing in common with the aforementioned brass/funk/soul/R&B hybrids, this instrumental three-piece has a knack for taking genres not inherently New Orleanian and combining them in ways that are wholly applicable.

With classic Dick Dale-esque surf rock at the forefront, guitarist Kevin Bowles shifts seamlessly between west coast and rockabilly while drummer Dano Cardona injects hazy flourishes of 30s-era swing time and bassist Jenn Attaway shreds 50s rock n’ roll rhythms. The result is something undeniably a product of the Crescent City – intense, engaging and, most importantly, fun. On Saturday they stop by Le Bon Temps Roule for one of the venue’s trademark late night endeavors, the Unnaturals’ second in a three-month residency. Though a far cry from Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse, expect a crowd no less enthusiastic and considerably more rowdy. At the very least, The Unnaturals’ nuanced west coast Americana milieu can serve as an appropriate come-down from the early-evening Southern Lord Records showcase at the Big Top

07.02: Widowspeak + Dominique LeJeune – Circle Bar

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