PREMIERE: Two New Live Videos From Coyotes


One of the inherent pitfalls of so closely following a college music scene – especially in a city like New Orleans, where the larger institutes of higher learning are swamped with transplanted thrill-seekers trying the cultural, culinary and musical capitol of the deep south on for size – are the relative doldrums that sweep in at the end of each school year.  Like so many other young bands who have spent the previous nine months scorching local stages, cosmic ‘Canyon rockers Coyotes will take a few months off as principal members Duz Mancini and Lucas Cox return to their native Los Angeles and Chicago (respectively) for the summer.

While they will not be back in town until August 25th, ending a mini-tour that begins with Mobile’s Underhill Family Orchestra at the Alabama Music Box nine days earlier, they have left two beautiful live videos behind to get their New Orleans fanbase through the next few months. Filmed by The Greenhouse Collective at the band’s June 2nd House of Blues performance, “Remember To Forget” and “Bird On A Wire” showcase both the spaced-out grit and bouncy ease of a Coyotes live show.


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