Live Picks: 06.21.2012 – 06.27.2012

06.21: Slingshot Dakota + Sirens + Dustin Walkowski + Ryan Leavelle – Hey Cafe

06.22: The Sideshow Tragedy + Mason Briggs – Circle Bar

06.23: Mrs. Magician + Theresa Andersson – Joy Theater

How Bon Appétit Magazine managed to coax the guys from aphotic surf rock band Mrs. Magician into taking a trip across the entire North American continent to New Orleans is anyone’s guess. Hailing from San Diego’s ever-bustling underground music community, this four-piece has spent the last two or so years quietly but steadily gaining the attention of a national audience that had grown jaded to the swaths of Best Coasts and Wavveses whose fun-in-the-sun alternative beach punk has promised much more than those acts can creatively deliver. Right out of the gate, Mrs. Magician’s There Is No God b/w I’m Gonna Hang Out with The Lesbians Next Door and Drop Acid 7″ postured them decidedly against the status quo of west coast ocean vibes with a cryptic sound more approximate to existential psychedelic garage punk.

So it was a refreshing turn to the middle when the highly-anticipated release of Strange Heaven, their full length debut, proved Jacob Turnbloom and co. were more than capable of writing instantly accessible pop while at the same time doggedly avoiding whatever bounty of pop music pigeon holes must exist for anyone vaguely influenced by the likes of Ronny & The Daytonas or the Pixies. The record, certainly bound for a few “Best of The First Half of 2012” lists, hasn’t been Mrs. Magician’s only source of bragging rights over their generational ilk: after being enthusiastically championed by Drive Like Jehu/Rocket From The Crypt/Pitchfork/Hot Snakes/Night Marchers legend John Reis (who, in turn, produced Strange Heaven, delivering hands-down one of the year’s best engineering offerings), the band landed a U.S. tour with of-the-moment art pop act Cults, whom Miss Magish drummer Cory Stier eventually ended up (unofficially?) joining.

Though they narrowly missed the Crescent City by about 66 miles on that tour, the band is now – in true oddball fashion – making their way to Joy Theater on Saturday night. The event, part of Bon Appétit’s three-city “Grub Crawl”, features support from local heavyweight Theresa Andersson and a full service open bar. As such, it promises to be one of the more hilariously off-the-wall concert experiences outside of a Quintron Lundi Gras – fucked out in every awesome way imaginable.

MP3: Mrs. Magician: “Actual Pain”

06.24: Sun Hotel + The Lusitania + Habitat – Siberia

06.25: Simon Lott & Anthony Cuccia Duo – AllWays Lounge

06.27: Duck Little Brother Duck + High In One Eye + Rabbit – Siberia

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