Live Picks: 05.31.2012 – 06.06.2012

05.31: Japanther + Pygmy Lush + Thou – United Bakery

06.01: The Beams + Bones + Picnic – One Eyed Jacks

06.02: Rareluth + Mahayla – Circle Bar

06.03: Dummy Dumpster + Sports & Leisure + Glasgow – The Big Top

Though to the naked eye they may be nothing more like a mysterious fly-by-night pet project, Dummy Dumpster have in fact been a presence in the underground community longer than most younger music aficionados realize. Anyone who has had the pleasure of witnessing the unbridled wackiness of this trio knows that the band’s absurdist exterior (vulgar, non sequitur subject matter against a tapestry of Germs-esque hardcore punk) thinly masks a bubbling talent for authenticity and a knack for genuinely engrossing songwriting that can only come from longevity. The performance art antics of singer and guitarist Mike Schadwell, when hemmed in by Brad Lewis’ old-era minimalist drumming and Isidore Grisoli’s quick-plucked punk basslines, are not only hilarious but also endearingly out of lockstep with the vast majority of modern New Orleans punk. If anything though, a Dummy Dumpster live set would sound right at home in a vignette from The Decline of Western Civilization.

On Sunday, they meet up with two other bands from seemingly different corners of the New Orleans underground rock for the most eclectic lineup The Big Top’s Punk Rock Takeover matinee series has offered. Dummy Dumpster will be joined by newcomers Sports & Leisure, a indie rock sextet led by former MNIJM guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Richard Dubourg currently in the midst of a flurry of local performances that have seen their progressive leanings come sharply into focus, while orchestral indie rock veterans Glasgow round out the impressive bill.

MP3: Dummy Dumpster: “Time To Kiss”

06.06: Jean-Eric + Noir Fonce + Rhodes!!! + Disko Obscura – Siberia

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