Live Picks: 03.01.2012 – 03.07.2012

03.01: Coyotes + Underhill Family Orchestra + Aerial Attack – Cafe Prytania

Let’s not say it; saying it would expose us to all the pitfalls of belting out an amusingly campy, jargonic platitude. But let’s quietly, delightedly think it: the second wave of New Orleans’ now-legitimate burgeoning indie rock “scene” is upon us. 20ROCKIN12 has brought the city a slew of young bros and, with them, a paradigmatic shift wherein former young bros have become the old bros and former old bros have been hoisted into the echelon of curators of the Crescent City’s Underground Music Community. There is plenty of new music to galvanize rock concertgoers around town – Chinquapin Records padding its roster with stellar acts like Habitat; Lafayette native and Brass Bed multi-instrumentalist Johnny Campos beginning to reemerge as a bona fide NOLA artist; and a loose collection of young acts including Gold & the Rush, Donovan Wolfington, ArchAnimals and Pals – but one emerging band, though fresh in its current incarnation, has anomalously been around for what seems like years.

Coyotes was formerly the pet project of NOLA-by-way-of-Los-Angeles singer songwriter Duz Mancini. Though the act has experienced a well-documented revolving door lineup, only recently has Mr. Mancini managed to solidify the kinship of an incredibly talented, highly collaborative group of young musicians. Now officially rounded out by guitarist Justen Cheney, renaissance bassman Christian Baraks and drummer Lucas Cox, the four-piece Coyotes have ramped up their live presence over the last two months, sharing stages with the likes of Tennessee’s the Features and local Grammy Award-winning group Rebirth Brass Band. With that calculated momentum growth comes “Cosmic in the Badlands”, a contemplative little EP that actualizes Mancini and Co.’s collective paroxysms as well as their subsequent musical stability. The record is possibly the introduction to a year of local releases at least as satisfying as the community’s 2011 output. And Coyotes’ newly established live prowess finds them at the de facto center of a group of ready-to-go young bros already making their way to the forefront of the local milieu.

To ring in “Cosmic in the Badlands”, Coyotes is hosting a show at Cafe Prytania Thursday night, and joining them will be Mobile, Alabama-based folk rockers Underhill Family Orchestra and yet another band of local newcomers, the psychedelic noise pop outfit Aerial Attack.

MP3: Coyotes: “Wheels”

03.02: Gold And The Rush + England in 1819 + Pals + Autotomii – Hi-Ho Lounge

03.03: Bipolaroid + Bare Wires + Mahayla – Circle Bar

03.05: B.Y.O.Vinyl Night – The Rusty Nail

03.07: Ponykiller + Mike Bell and the Movies + Rabbit – The Big Top

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