Prom Date Returns With Sophomore EP

Baton Rouge indie-electro ravers Prom Date have had no problem practically embedding themselves in the New Orleans musical landscape. Since first beginning to pop up just over a year ago, their steadily growing number of performances down here has reached a point where the apt question on any given night has become, “Isn’t Prom Date playing this week?” And the band’s presence is certainly welcome. For as many budding indie electronic artists as we now host, few acts outside of the inimitable Jean-Eric are capable of matching Prom Date’s gusto-soaked, sweaty live energy. Their performances – usually more akin to raging parties – have proven to fit comfortably on nearly every stage of every size in the city of New Orleans.

That said, if you were to pick up their 2010 EP Clock Out, you’d be somewhat surprised to hear a sound that belies both style and spirit of a Prom Date live set. The follow-up, Prom Date EP, is a succinct and aphoristic remedy to that looming contradiction. Replete with quirky samples, hard-hitting loops and shining synths, the three-song set finds the band delving into an exuberant island-electronic hybrid in the vein of Tanlines on “Walking Dead”, waxing down the funky, disco crowd-pleaser “Good Morning, Boyfriend”, and finding the closest approximation to their furious stage enterprise on “Riptide”. Certainly a burst of vigor, it essentially feels like a taste of what’s to come, an appetizer that that begrudgingly, though buoyantly, ends much sooner than it would like to.

Prom Date EP on Bandcamp


3 thoughts on “Prom Date Returns With Sophomore EP

  1. one of my favorite local acts. always high energy, always fun. i’ll make a recommendation to catch them at the spanish moon in baton rouge if ever the opportunity presents itself. that seems to be the venue they’re most comfortable in, and they always destroy that place (in a good, completely non-destructive way). plus the guys in the band are pretty cool. can never express how much their music pleases me.

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