Live Picks: 01.26.2012 – 02.01.2012

01.26: Big History  + Gold And The Rush + Chilldren + Spirit Animals – Tipitina’s

Even if you pay reasonably close attention to the New Orleans underground, you may not have come across Gold and the Rush yet. Having only formed late last summer, this young rock and roll band has only a handful of performances under their belt. Gold and the Rush is essentially an infant, in band years. They also aren’t traditionally New Orleanian: boasting a membership that includes Washington DC, Los Angeles, Memphis and Dallas, GATR’s only technical ties to this city are that its members all happen to currently be here and that the band was birthed in New Orleans as a consequence of that presence. As such, if you haven’t asked the right non-NOLA-centric people, the band probably hasn’t come up in conversation.

But it’s a conversation worth having because Gold and the Rush is also immensely talented. Eluding the otherwise inevitable growing pains tied to the first several months of any musical existence, the members of Gold and the Rush – like many of their young contemporaries – have come out of the gates guns a’ blazing, one revelatory performance after another, their concentrated southern rock authenticity noticeably more raucous each time they take the stage. With the musical tableau surrounding Tulane and Loyola Universities rapidly and concretely taking shape more now than any time in the past, bands like Gold and the Rush represent the next wave of local independent and underground music – a wave that seems more than ready to blaze a trail of rock and roll through the entire city.

Thursday night, Gold and the Rush takes its crack at the larger stage of Tipitina’s for WTUL’s Back to School show in support of local electro-pop heavy hitters Big History. Joining them will be their friends in party rock hip hop trio Chilldren and DJ duo Spirit Animals.

MP3: Gold and the Rush: “Crazy Love”

01.27: Mahayla + Lovey Dovies + The Widowers – CIRCLE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01.28: Norco Lapalco + Dummy Dumpster + Indian Givers + Dresden – Siberia

01.29: Big Eyes + Heat Dust + Glish – Siberia

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One thought on “Live Picks: 01.26.2012 – 02.01.2012

  1. YO, Brohaterfest why don’t you update your Google calendar with shows people want to see like Datsik and Steve Aoki Next Saturday.

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