Live Picks: 01.19.2012 – 01.25.2012

01.19: King Louie’s Missing Monuments + Bipolaroid + Lonely Nights + DJ Matty + Lefty Parker – Siberia

01.20: Rik Slave & the Phantoms + O.L.D. + Little Maker – THE CIRCLE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01.21: Rotary Downs + R. Scully’s Rough 7 – One Eyed Jacks

If I learned one thing in 2011, it’s that there is no bad way to see greatest band in the universe Rotary Downs.  Whether opening up the Gentilly Stage at Jazz Fest or pushing a crowd of exasperated revelers to the brink of exhaustion with their annual Halloween marathon at d.b.a., Rotary Downs stunned and dazzled and amazed at every stop.  But then, I also learned this lesson in 2010, 2009 and 2008 before that; and anyone with even a glancing interest in the New Orleans independent music scene (and/or a working set of earholes) at any point in the last decade should be keen to the seemingly endless artistic potential of our most ruthlessly talented local treasure.

So while there is no wrong time to ever see Rotary Downs specifically, there is never a better time, in general, to see any band as when they are embroiled in the creatively inspiring and grueling task of writing and recording a new album.  And if you had the pleasure of catching Rotary Downs anytime in the last nine months, you were treated to an increasingly awesome selection of brand new songs like the swirling, Built-To-Spill-in-space-esque ripper “Godzilla”, which keeps getting more and more exciting each time it’s unleashed.  As the band will head to Lafayette in early February for initial tracking of their 5th full length album – and 3rd in a row with Grammy Award-winning Louisiana native Ivan Klisanin –  Rotary Downs’ next run of shows, kicking off on Saturday at One Eyed Jacks, should be just about as ferocious as local live music gets.  Morning 40 Federation lead-man Ryan Scully’s newest project, a “Rough 7” that includes organist Ratty Scurvics and the inimitable Meschiya Lake, opens.

MP3: Rotary Downs: “A Drink From The Cloud”

01.24: Thou + Kindest Lines + The Body – Zeitgeist

01.25: The Features + Coyotes + Girl In A Coma – One Eyed Jacks

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