Live Picks: 01.12.2011 – 01.18.2011

01.12: Jean-Eric + Sweettooth + Weekends + High In One Eye – Siberia

01.13: King Rey + Chilldren + Pals + Citoyens – Siberia

01.14: Caddywhompus + B L A C K I E + /fucks/ + Proud Father + Habitat + Choi Wolf – The Red House and The White House

Though the New Orleans underground will probably forever claim two-piece experimental noise pop duo Caddywhompus as her own, it is undeniable that Chris Rehm and Sean Hart are just as, if not more, beloved in their hometown of Houston, where the ambition to create music not just culturally unique but technically inimitable is arguably stronger than in any community in the western hemisphere. That the city managed to birth the minds behind Caddywhompus – who, as well-documented on this site, are crafting music unlike anyone else in their remote ilk – is impressive enough; but as Rehm and Hart invite a sampling of their HOU contemporaries to New Orleans’ Bywater area on Saturday night, it should be readily apparent that they aren’t the only artists who’ve successfully trumped the creative mainstream.

Michael LaCour – better known as hardcore textural atomizer B L A C K I E… All Caps, With Spaces – has practically made a game of operating beyond categorization. Though he’s technically known as a “rapper and record producer”, B L A C K I E’s  musical vista (a striking meld of thrash, noise and hip hop) is about as rhythmically and instrumentally concrete as an early Kluster record. Instead of wrapping himself in the languorous comforts of a particular genre, he’s spent the better part of the last half decade perfecting a kaleidoscopic array of strange samples, disorientingly-cut beats, and streaking fuzz while drawing listeners in with an abrasive – though alluring – vocal delivery and a sincere, unapologetic adherence to sociopolitical dissidence.

Along for the ride into New Orleans will be the dense, abominably heavy noise project /fucks/, while local support will be provided by ambient cassette group Proud Father, High In One Eye/Country Club collaboration Habitat, and vulgar hardcore trio Choi Wolf.

MP3: B L A C K I E: “Of My Enemy (Prayer for Destruction)”

MP3: /fucks/: “Amazing Grace”

MP3: Habitat: “Miracle of Deafness” (Live from Bedroom Sessions)

01.15: Native America + The Suzies + Donovan Wolfington – 1920 Broadway

01.16: Cass McCombs + Frank Fairfield – One Eyed Jacks

01.17: STRFKR + Painted Palms + Alexico – One Eyed Jacks

01.18: The Breton Sound + Sheridan Road – Tipitina’s

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photo credit: Michael Craft Photography


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