Disappears Release First Single From Upcoming Full-Length

Disappears front man Brian Case is either the beneficiary of a never-ending treasure trove of material waiting to be put on wax at his convenience or a master of surrounding himself with a supporting cast that makes it look easy to release something of substance every year since 2008 (or both). After last year’s early entry Guider, the swansong for then-drummer and in-house producer Graeme Gibson, it would have been presumable – even understandable – for the remaining members of Disappears to take an extended step back while adjusting the course on their freight train of creative output.

However, refusing to live up to the implications of its own name, this Chicago-based shoegaze krautrock n’ roll band did the exact opposite, immediately finding a replacement in legendary Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and teaming up with producer John Congleton at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon West studio. The results are another very quick gestational release period for Disappears and the heavier, more dimensionally nuanced Pre Language, due out March 1 on Kranky Records.

Introductory cut “Replicate” finds the band decelerating slightly from the breakneck pace of Guider and shying away from their usual ease of melodic accessibility, instead sharpening their penchant for rhythmic hypnotism and fleshing out a deeply distorted mise en scène capable of shaking an entire house.

MP3: Disappears: “Replicate”


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