Live Picks: 01.05.2012 – 01.11.2012

01.05: Jonathan Parish + Matt Glynn + Julie Odell + Rick Nelson – Carrolton Station

01.06: Cliff Hines + Vox and the Hound + Dominique LeJeune – Cafe Istanbul

01.08: Choi Wolf + Boogie Nazis + Pancake – The Big Top

It’s been an incredibly active past several months for Alabama native and current New Orleans resident Byron Chance, who in that time has observably involved himself in one project after another, each a diametrically different musical offering to the local underground. After supplementing Chinquapin Records’ slowly growing collection of avant-garde ambient releases with his own titled Null & Void, Chance shifted gears as singer and songwriter of space rock five-piece Glish, whose debut EP was as sonically impressive as it was desperately needed in a city that has never had much to hang its hat on in the area of shoegazing.

Though he’s becoming increasingly known for his dynamic output, Chance’s creative charm lies not in his stylistic unpredictability but rather in the inability to precisely pin down his wheelhouse genre. Whereas most genre jumpers tend to be obviously most at home in one area (i.e., no matter how many old school metal albums Ryan Adams attempts to make, the dude’s an alt country musician), Chance has yet to truly box himself in with a distinct creative voice. As a result, he’s currently less a stylistic renaissance man than he is the musician version of a genre film director.

With his latest project, Choi Wolf, Chance injects his established talent for melding execution and panache into hardcore punk, where he and Marathon/Rooks drummer Rob Landry have made an art of firing through intentionally short, invigorating bursts of brutal energy. Only twice as long as their five-minute 2011 Demo, a Choi Wolf live show often finds the band creating pure pandemonium while aurally pummeling the audience so efficiently that Chance and co. are back at the bar drinking beers before anyone has enough time to realize what just happened. On Sunday, Choi Wolf graces the city’s best active DIY venue, the Big Top, with local indie rockers Pancake and  Tuscan, AZ instrumental surf punks the Boogie Nazis.

MP3: Choi Wolf: “My Posi Is Wet”

01.10: Diving + Heat Dust + Glish – The Dragon’s Den

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