G-Eazy Partners With Swiss Chriss and Christoph Andersson On New Single

It’s getting increasingly difficult to think of G-Eazy as a purely, or even relatively, local musical entity. With an unobtrusive omnipresence both on and off the stage that’s manifested itself in New Orleans as a devoted and semi-hysterical following, it can be hard to accept (though not that hard to imagine) that the same slick-parted statue of a figure who you’ve seen rip a room to shreds with a near-perfect lyrical balance of heady annunciation and a borderline mumblecore delivery is also doing the same phenomenal work in his hometown of Oakland to arguably just as much fanfare; and that with “Runaround Sue” at nearly 350,000 views on Youtube, he’s obviously had no problem drumming up similar fan base bustle in every city between here and there. Having just finished a nationwide tour both supporting and upstaging Schwayze, G-Eazy is probably now thinking international.

Enter new single “Lost In Translation”, the latest in Eazy’s long line of seemingly impossible sampling achievements. With a melodic fun house foundation courtesy of Electronic Takeover mainstays Swiss Chriss and Christoph Andersson’s take on that bizarre as shit “Pon Pon Pon” song, he wishfully hypothesizes a story of sex, drugs and love overseas – like the Sophia Coppola film of the same name, but 99 minutes shorter and with a sliver of wit. Though not technically true to life, “Lost in Translation” tells a narrative either vaguely familiar regardless of geographic location or precisely foretelling of what’s to come. All of the sudden when G-Eazy quips, “I wanna go to Tokyo so fucking bad”, you’re not as amused as you are stuck wondering, “Seriously, when is G-Eazy going to hit Japan?”

“Lost In Translation” at G-Eazy.com



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