Live Picks: 12.08.2011 – 12.14.2011

12.08: Partners N Crime + 5th Ward Weebie + Choppa + DJ Jubilee + Mr. Ghetto + 10th Ward Buck + Rusty Lazer – Republic

12.09: Sun Hotel + Country Club + Donovan Wolfington – Cafe Prytania

True to the form of every artist their stable, the hardworking boys from Chinquapin Records did not rest on their laurels and pack it in for the year after the success of last month’s inaugural compilation release. Instead, they’ve come from the blindside with another, even more ambitious collection of songs, humbly described as a “Holiday Charity Jingler” with proceeds going to benefit New Orleans Artists Against Hunger & Homelessness and the Austin, TX Area Toys for Tots. This convivially-themed stick of dynamite – completed with the help of Austin-based kindred spirits the Skank Family Collective – doesn’t just present the winter’s definitive collection of holiday tunes, but also boasts some of the best output by each label’s individual artists all year (Native America’s take on the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s Charlie Brown standard “Christmas Time Is Here” is yet another reason to be excited about the band’s imminent full-band, full-length debut while Milezo delivers his cover of “Santa, Bring My Baby Back To Me” by Elvis Presley with a high-pitched bravado so perfect that Mercury Rev’s Jonathan Donahue himself would have to acquiescently give praise).

And, once again, they’ll be celebrating their new bundle of joy at Cafe Prytania, their third such winter break Prytania party in as many years. Aided by newcomers and proto-emo classicists Donovan Wolfington, southern indie rockers Country Club will host the festivities with the swampy Sun Hotel – lively and raucous performances that will be easy to delight in, regardless of how drunk we’ll undoubtedly all get.

MP3: Sun Hotel: “B.Y.O. Cheer”

MP3: Country Club: “All I Want For Christmas Is Money”

Holiday Charity Jingler on Bandcamp

12.10: High In One Eye + Dominique LeJeune + Loyola Electro-Acoustic Ensemble – Howlin’ Wolf Den

12.12: Former Thieves + Heat Dust + Choy Wolf – Dragon’s Den

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