Mrs. Magician Delay Full Length Debut, Release 7-Inch

While San Diego surf band Mrs. Magician continues to morph from an initially mysterious demonic thrill into an illuminated, deceptively feel-good garage pop group, there has been apparently little activity on the release front since last Fall’s There is No God 7″ and this past Spring’s The Spells 7″. While tripped-out music videos for “Get Bent” and “Tabloids” have randomly popped up in the past several months, their then-forthcoming debut full-length Pity Party Animal – scheduled for release in June 2011 – never saw the light of day.

It turns out that the album has been in the can for months, but Mrs. Magician has opted not to formally release it in the face of a good-fortuned little monkey wrench in their career trajectory, as they recently signed to Swami Records to record a brand new debut with the San Diego Swami himself John Reis (Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Rocket From The Crypt, The Night Marchers), due in early 2012. As such, the tracks on the buried Pity Party Animal LP will likely surface through a string of limited 7″ releases.

In the meantime however, Grizzly Records is pleased to tide you over with the Prescription Vision 7″, featuring a sarcastically peppy title track about the prison of raw consumerism and the sunny yet subversive “I Know What Girls Like” – a short, sweet soul-infused reflection on women with the patriarchal upper hand and, of course, nice guys who finish last.

Prescription Vision 7″ at Bandcamp


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