Live Picks: 12.01.2011 – 12.07.2011

12.01: He’s My Brother She’s My Sister + Empress Hotel – Tipitina’s

12.02: Royal Teeth – Republic

12.04: Mojo Nixon + Dash Rip Rock + Mahayla – Howlin’ Wolf

12.03: Coyotes + PALS + Donovan Wolfington – Breezy’s Spot Riverbend

12.05: Lovey Dovies + Follow That Bird + DJ Brice Nice – The Saint

If you were even a little heartsore when the Lovey Dovies appeared to call it quits seven months ago with a low-key swan song at Howlin’ Wolf Den in April and a one-off follow-up at the NOLA Brewery in May, it was probably encouraging to find out – just the other day – that these noisy college rock revivalists have quietly returned from the ether with a newfound lease on live music. You were probably surprised to also find out that they had recorded a series of demos in July – also only recently revealed; and you were probably altogether ecstatic to discover that they were recorded with aid from Eric Rogers of Empress Hotel and Antenna Inn as well as Travis Thompson and Kevin Comarda from Black Belt Band.

Appending an apparent wealth of good news from the Lovey Dovies camp is the abrupt announcement of a live return to New Orleans at the Saint on Monday night in a relatively altered form. With Rogers now sitting in on drums at least part-time, former drummer Dan Fox has moved up front to accompany lead singer and axeman James Hayes on second guitar – a move that may well give the band’s high-gain, heavily distorted muffle added layers of fuzz and jangle. The Lovey Dovies will be joined by Austin-based dissonant southern rockers Follow That Bird and one of the Saint’s most well-known late night residents, DJ Brice Nice.

MP3: Lovey Dovies: “Not Like You”

12.06: Little Maker + King Rey + Ashmen – One Eyed Jacks

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