Live Picks: 11.17.2011 – 11.23.2011

11.17: Paper Diamond + Run DMT – Republic

11.18: PALS + Gold And The Rush + Chilldren + Aerial Attack – Breezy’s Spot Riverbend

11.19: Big History + Sun Hotel + Prom Date – One Eyed Jacks

11.20: The Jonesbirds + Noir Fonce + Glish – The Saint

Local garage rock classicists The Jonesbirds have been on an exponential ascent since they busted on the scene this past spring.  Each time the duo has taken the stage, their primal combination of cymbal-taxing drum work and fuzzed-out guitar riffage comes out tighter and more fully-realized, while their expanding canon showcasing the intriguing diversity of guitarist Christopher Stoudt and drummer Colby Kiefer’s songwriting chops and musical dexterity.  But The Jonesbirds are still decidedly unrefined, mixing sometimes hilariously gruff lyrics with an unhinged stage presence characterized by light crowd surfing and rampant shirtlessness.

Joining them at the Saint is freshly minted super-group Glish, the latest project to spin out of Chinquapin Records‘ deep and talented roster.  Comprising the entirety of High In One Eye, Dexter Gilmore of hardcore progressive outfit Dongles, Byron Chance aka Münchausens and vocalist Meagan Lanier, Glish has continued to build momentum from the social media frenzy they began a couple of weeks ago with the release of the Blast Off EP, a five-song atom bomb of warped droning fuzz, far-off vocal harmonies and bright, nimble drum surges.  Even as a relatively inexperienced performing unit they’re already got their act on the verge of live bliss, balancing the etheral showgaze of their new compositions with flashes of the vicious punk rock sensibilities running through a majority of the group members’ DNA. Frank Jones of Jean-Eric’s new witch-house side project, Noir Fonce, rounds out the bill of heatseeking up-and-comers.

MP3: The Jonesbirds: “2012”

MP3: Glish: “Magazine”

11.21: Lykke Li + First Aid Kit – Tipitina’s

11.22: The Queers + Knockout + The Lollies + Joystick + The Adults – Siberia

11.23: Future Islands + Ed Schrader’s Music Beat + Kindest Lines – Hi-Ho Lounge

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