Sun Hotel Front Man Releases New Sharks’ Teeth Track

Though no anecdote involving Sun Hotel’s staggering collective work ethic should catch anyone off guard at this point, it’s nevertheless overwhelming to peruse the seemingly endless stream of releases on the side bar of singer Tyler Scurlock’s Sharks’ Teeth Bandcamp page and realize that this output exists in addition to his separate writing and performing for Sun Hotel and his being party to the founding and growth of a record label. Possibly the most restless songwriter and sonic experimenter of anyone playing music today, the man has managed to quietly put out at least a few tracks each month since the middle of last year (and often much more, as the three-hour Wissenschaftslehre album from this past June shows), all the while gradually focusing, tightening and mastering his employment of a garage full of keyboards, synthesizers, electronic toys and circuit-bent home inventions.

With “Carried”, digitally recorded in the newly-adorned Chinquapin Echo Base for the label’s upcoming inaugural compilation, Sharks’ Teeth has logged his most concise aural wandering since July’s Gazebo full-length. With an astral, somewhat hallucinatory live synth loop that sounds like it could have been culled from the background music of an episode of Twin Peaks, the track’s light lo-fi ambiance allows Scurlock to haphazardly reconcile existentialism, religion and romance with a blurry, muffled lull before bringing in a layer of piecemeal percussion.

Sharks’ Teeth at


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