Live Picks: 11.03.2011 – 11.09.2011

11.03: Glish + King Rey + El Cantador – Cafe Prytania

11.04: Liquid Peace Revolution + Super Water Sympathy + Ben Labat and the Happy Devil – Howlin’ Wolf Den

11.05: Coyotes + The Blue Party + Mississippi Rail Company + Underhill Family Orchestra + Fresh Nectar – Maison

You’d think a group of musicians that exists in as much a state of perpetual flux as local rockers Coyotes would be, at least, too whimsical to be capable of putting together a cohesive or centered product. Ironically though, this band’s remarkable focus on creating authentically modern Americana is all but fueled by such seeming instability. Having technically begun as a one-man project by singer, guitarist and harmonicist Duz Mancini while living in his hometown of Los Angeles, California, Coyotes have so far been marked by a revolving door of musicians and periods of relative inactivity over the past couple of years. However, with a solidified line-up and a full-length album due out next month, it’s obvious that their persistence has paid off.

Though now a bona fide New Orleans-based act, Coyotes continue to admirably distance themselves from the stylings native to this town and, for that matter, native to the entire region, instead relying for guidance and inspiration on the country rock of California legends like the Flying Burrito Brothers and the Byrds – bands whose penchant for blending country and soul in the 1960s has galvanized practically every Americana musician who doesn’t identify with Nashville-bred Country pop.  They anchor an enormous showcase at the Maison that includes rootsy local trio Mississippi Rail Company, The Blue Party and Mobile’s Underhill Family Orchestra on the main stage and DJs spinning jams in the Penthouse all night long.

MP3: Coyotes: “Burning Man”

11.06: Sebadoh + Mazes + Mahayla – One Eyed Jacks

11.08: Thee Oh Sees + Total Control + Dead People + Nervous Juvenile – Siberia

11.09: Maddie Ruthless + Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship + Vic Ruggiero + The Urban Voo Doo Machine – AllWays Lounge

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