Live Picks: 10.27.2011 – 11.02.2011

10.27: 400 Blows + Holy Shakes + Mountain of Wizard + Red Shield – Siberia

10.28: Pygmy Lush + Leaving + HABITAT – The Big Top

10.29: Rotary Downs + Caddywhompus – d.b.a.

Marathon sets, special guests, deft covers and rabid crowds are hallmarks of any late night, post-festival musical extravaganza – the promise of which keeps revelrous concert-goers out until the wee hours even with the knowledge that, come morning, they have to be ready to do it all over again.  It’s fitting, then, that greatest band in the universe Rotary Downs’ annual Halloween show at d.b.a. has become one of the most anticipated entries on the post-Voodoo calendar: the grueling parameters and outlandish expectations of these special engagements are old hat for New Orleans’ long-time indie rock torchbearers, who unleash expansive sets of fascinating psychedelic space-pop peppered with Yo La Tengo-grade covers literally every time they take any stage.

For their 4th Annual Frenchman Street ramble, Rotary Downs is welcoming the inimitable Caddywhompus to the fold, making Saturday night’s event a fever dream-worthy celebration of the two most mind-bendingly impressive acts Crescent City’s lustrous alternative rock panoroma has to offer. Add costumes, fog machines and a brilliantly over-the-top light show to the mix and you’ve got just about the best concert event any fan of all that is good and right in local music could ask for.

MP3: Rotary Downs: “Random Digs”

MP3: Caddywhompus: “Big Fun”

10.30: Vox And The Hound + The Forms + The Jonesbirds – Unfold Media Gallery

10.31: Quintron and Miss Pussycat + Darktown Strutters + Wild Emotion + The Unnaturals – One Eyed Jacks

11.01: Pree + Frau Eva + Julie Odell – AllWays Lounge

11.02: Dead Confederate + Big Rock Candy Mountain + Sun Hotel – The Parish at House of Blues

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