Preview // Voodoo Music Experience, Day 1: 10.28.2011

There’s undoubtedly too much happening on any given day of Voodoo to talk about everything. Nevertheless, we figured it couldn’t hurt to tell you what performances we’re excited about. Here’s a few thoughts on a national and a local act that we are looking forward to on Friday.

Major Lazer: Le Plur Red Bulletin, 6:00PM

When internationally renown DJs/producers Diplo and Switch decided to collaborate on an electro-dub/dancehall album, both men’s vast experience and impressive industry sway made it easy to predict their 2009 debut under the “Major Lazer” moniker, Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do, would be good; but there was little that hinted at what an intricate, multifaceted spectacle the project would grow to be.  The duo traveled to Jamaica to record with a who’s who of local talent in the legendary Tuff Gong studios, crafted a gratuitous Major Lazer narrative full of surreal back stories and music videos directed by and starring some of the most absurdist minds in show business, and took the entire show on the road.

The resulting spectacle is an almost platonic idea of reverence and irreverence: a highly respectful deconstruction of reggae dance-hall tradition set against a hyper-modern notion of the electronic rave era.  Fat, bass-heavy beats are complemented by an eye-melting light show, stacks of elaborate props and hordes of cartoonishly sexualized (and scantily-clad) back up dancers and hype-men to create a internationally debauched party atmosphere of blissfully indeterminate time and place.

MP3: Major Lazer: “Hold The Line”

Quintron & Miss Pussycat: Le Carnival Bingo! Parlor, 5:15PM

Though New Orleanians often pride themselves on being able to experience local music that could only exist in this strange city, it’s perhaps never truer than when one is talking about Quintron & Miss Pussycat. This otherworldly performing duo – known offstage as real-life couple Robert Rolston and Panacea Theriac – is easily one of the most unique bands in the country; and while they have probably been the best kept secret in New Orleans for the past decade, word has begun to travel far about this enigmatic act.

Area staples for curating parties and performances at their own club, the Spellcaster Lodge, they’ve built a rabid following of noise nuts, late night partiers and downright weirdos who know that a Quintron live show is unlike anything else on the entire planet. Falling somewhere in ilk between the avant-garde leanings of Mr. Bungle and the minimalist atmospherics of Philip Glass, Quintron’s “swamp tech” music – a uniquely warped style of low-fi dance involving a custom made Hammond/Rhodes synthesizer/organ combo and the now infamous Drum Buddy – can manage to get a large room shaking uncontrollably while Miss Pussycat’s crowd oriented antics – anything from audience callbacks to marching band dance numbers to elaborate puppet shows – provide a radical, one-of-a-kind spectacle.

MP3: Quintron & Miss Pussycat: “Waterfall”


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