Giant Cloud Releasing Final Album, Playing Reunion Show

From the end of 2008 until just a few months ago, many arguments about the best band in New Orleans’ burgeoning indie rock movement came to one surprisingly consistent conclusion, surprising only given how nebulous and pedantic any such discussion tends to be.  With their baroque space rock – equal parts majestic instrumentation, soaring vocal harmonies, and nimble tempo shifts – Giant Cloud was the most dependably impressive group of musicians the city had to offer.  But just as they were primed to release the highly-anticipated Bloom & Decay, their full-length follow up to 2010’s Old Books EP, Giant Cloud broke up.  Their gig this past June, opening for Park The Van labelmates Generationals, was to be their last and an album full of the delicate and shifty compositions they had dynamically and relentlessly toured against for over a year was indefinitely shelved.

It was an abrupt conclusion to one of the most exciting and promising storylines the New Orleans alternative music scene had to offer, but now the Giant Cloud will get their proper final chapter: Park The Van will formally release Bloom & Decay digitally on November 8, and the band will reunite on December 17 for a special evening at Chickie Wah Wah with Empress Hotel and San Antonio-based punk rockers The Hawks (of Holy Rosary).  It probably won’t ease the still-lingering pain of the breakup, but at least it will give us a little more to remember them by.

MP3: Giant Cloud: “Windy Road”

Park The Van Records


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