Live Picks: 09.29.2011 – 10.05.2011

09.29: Van Hunt + Empress Hotel – Tipitina’s

09.30: Cute Machines + Prom Date + Mobley – Cafe Prytania

10.01: The Lollies + The Rooks + Stuck Lucky – Bank Street Bar

10.02: Tune-Yards + Pat Jordache – One Eyed Jacks

10.04: DāM-FunK + Master Blazter – One Eyed Jacks

Last Fall, our own Queen of The Rare Groove DJ Soul Sister began compulsively tweeting about a show that had recently been added to the always exciting One Eyed Jacks schedule.  A vocal proponent of all things awesome, Soul Sister is constantly spreading the word about any number of right-on party situations developing around the city.  But this was different.  The first time she referred to Los Angeles multi-instumentalist and producer DāM-FunK (né Damon Riddick) as her “favorite DJ”, it could have been written off as simple over-enthusiasm or hyperbole; but as she frequently repeated the claim in the run-up to his December, 2010 concert, you had no choice but to recognize the earnestness of her obsession.

And anyone who attended DāM-FunK’s first New Orleans gig could easily see why DJ Soul Sister – who herself is the number one choice for scores of New Orleans looking to funk the night away to rediscovered soul – digs so hard on the guy.  It was an arresting experience, as a survey of the room at any giving point in the night would have shown: while half the crowd was propulsively writhing to his massively infectious re-imagining of the seminal boogie that gave birth to hip-hop’s G-Funk era, the other half was almost frozen in place, at one consumed, enveloped and – to be perfectly honest – a bit overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of DāM-FunK’s futuristic take on the low-down synth grooves of the mid-1980s.

As a one man show, DāM-FunK is a beat-mapping, keytar-wielding, drum programming force of nature, and in his return to One Eyed Jacks he’ll also be joined by his friends Computer Jay and J-1 for a set as Master Blazter, a three-piece supergroup that delves even deeper into the transcendent funk he knows so well.

MP3: DāM-FunK: “Forever”

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