Barryfest v. Wikipedia // Kindest Lines

When taking on the arduous task of editing Wikipedia, the largest web-based encyclopedia, one is faced with a draconian and arbitrary editorial process, hyper-specific technological codes and an altogether baffling insider culture.  If you haven’t done  your research, learned how to tailor citations to meet certain ambiguous yet rigid criteria or developed a neutral voice, you might as well quit. By the same token, even if you’ve mastered Wikispeak, perfected the art of navigating Wikipedia’s difficult reference guidelines and honed your journalistic writing style, you still have an uphill battle to avoid speedy deletion.

But it is a fight worth fighting, and one that fits with our mission to document the music of New Orleans (and beyond). So we have set out to create, edit and update Wikipedia entries for as many noteworthy, important and deserving New Orleans artists as possible. Our first edition, Kindest Lines:

After signing to New York City-based Wierd Records at the end of 2010, Kindest Lines were featured on MP3 blog stereogum as one of “18 Dark Bands To Watch In 2011”.[3] Prior to the release of their debut album, the single “Destructive Paths To Live Happily” made its premiere on United States-based music and culture magazine The Fader, with its subsequent video premiere on Stereogum and British magazine FACT.[4][5][6]

Kindest Lines on Wikipedia

If you would like to help us in our noble quest, all you have to do is visit the newly created/updated pages and use Wikipedia’s page rating system to evaluate the articles’ trustworthiness, objectivity and completeness.


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