Live Picks: 09.08.2011 – 09.14.2011

09.08: The Helen Gillet Trio – Ogden Museum of Southern Art (early show)

09.09: Native America  + New Grass Country Club – Breezy’s Uptown (early show, rescheduled from 09.03)

09.10: Gravity A + P.Y.M.P. + M@ Peoples + Zen Lunatic – Tipitina’s

That Gambit’s annual “Best of New Orleans” issue is so popular and highly-debated speaks volumes about what makes New Orleans so fascinating: She’s a city full of diverse attractions and passionate residents, well-informed and opinionated people who can appreciate a spirited discussion on her myriad offerings.  In many instances, a genuine case can be made for dozens of establishments when it comes to who offers the best po-boy or burger or cup of coffee; and a declamation over choosing the city’s best guitarist or brass band or trumpeter can last for hours.  Few titles are truly undisputed, but no throne may be secure as the one Gravity A inhabits as the kings of the New Orleans late-night.

Over the course of hundreds of shows over the last seven years, Gravity A has amassed a cult-like following among the city’s all-nighters with their mindbending combination of trance-y grooves and adventurous instrumental improvisation, providing the driving soundtrack for dance parties that only start to slow down when the sun starts to rise.  Invoking both the soul of jazz expression and its flair for inspired genre crossover, the band disseminates a sound that is hard to place yet still distinctly New Orleanian – a hybrid musical flash too funked-out to simply be called jam and way too live to be considered strictly electronic.

Indeed, it’s a sound that has also proved too rich and diverse to be contained by just one band.  After playing a few 2-man Gravity A shows out of necessity, drummer Michael Fouquier and keyboardist Andrew Meehan formally spun-off  P.Y.M.P., a light-hearted side project that added heavier indie-rock and hip-hop leanings to the mix.  The duo also acts as the backing band for local MC M@ Peoples, whose penchant for impressively unhinged freestyle marries well with Foo N’ Drew’s progressive, drum ‘n’ bass inspired loops.  All will be in attendance at Tipitina’s on Saturday, showcasing the depth and diversity of the rich tapestry homegrown by Gravity A. Local DJ The Zen Lunatic will be warming up the crowd and doors open at 10:30 after the early show clears out.

MP3: Gravity A: “Watching Myself Walk”

09.11: Vivian Girls + Widowspeak + Au Ras Au Ras – Siberia

09.12: Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave. + Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk – Tipitina’s

09.13: Futurebirds + J Roddy Walston & The Business + New Grass Country Club – One Eyed Jacks

09.14: Vockah Redu + Noir Fonce + Prom Date – Siberia

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