Live Picks: 09.01.2011 – 09.07.2011

09.01: Royal Teeth – Maison

09.02: Sun Hotel Plays The Blue Album at Weezer Throwback – Republic

09.03: Native America + The Tontons + New Grass Country Club – Breezy’s Riverbend (early show) rescheduled for 09.09.2011

While the arrival of Labor Day in the Crescent City doesn’t necessarily signal the return of tolerable weather, it carries with it a swath of New Orleans’ burgeoning creative class that has been noticeably absent for the last few months.  With the new academic year gearing up, so too are the local schedules of some of the area’s most impressive young musicians, many of whom are back to spend their weekdays strolling around one of the city’s college campuses.  Of all the bands that took a summer sabbatical, New Grass Country Club‘s return is easily the most exciting.  Before going on hiatus in June, New Grass spent the first half of 2011 unleashing a terrifying streak of rollicking and soulful live sets that echoed with the high points of classic rock, electric folk and alt-country and oozed with rarely-seen levels of dexterity and unhinged enthusiasm.

But their performance this Saturday is just the start of the “Syllabus Week BBQ Chindig”, the first formal event organized by local collaborative community cooperative Chinquapin Records.  Houston’s most exciting young export, The Tontons, are bringing their bluesy psychedelic art-pop to town for the second time in three weeks, ending their much heralded summer tour in the same place it began; and Native America – in their first show since laying the Blue Nile Balcony Room to waste last month – are closing the evening out with another full-band performance.  Plus, with it being Labor Day and all, admission to this garden party includes all you can consume food and/or booze. The grill gets going at 5PM and the music is scheduled to begin at 6.

MP3: New Grass Country Club: “Kingdom”
MP3: The Tontons: “Leon”
MP3: Native America: “A Living”

09.04: The Dodos + The Luyas – One Eyed Jacks

09.05: The Moaners + Felix + Lonely Knights – Siberia

09.07: O’Death + Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship? – One Eyed Jacks

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