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Live Picks: 08.25.2011 – 08.31.2011

08.25: Off With Their Heads + Dead To Me + The Lollies – Siberia

08.26: Cheeky Blakk + Blind Texas Marlin + LuckyLou + JC Styles – The Saint

08.27: Vox and the Hound + Coyotes + Mobley – Carrollton Station

If there is a New Orleans band that both typifies “indie rock” and avoids the genre’s propensity for offering up artists capable of nothing more than middling, five-out-of-ten twee pop, that band is undeniably Vox and the Hound. After bowing out of local rock stalwarts MyNameIsJohnMichael, drummer Eric Rogers and singer/songwriter Leo DeJesus re-emerged almost immediately in early 2010 with an immensely talented and affably humble line-up of musicians that includes bassist Andrew Jarman, guitarist Rory Callais, and Community Records co-founder, instrumental renaissance man and all-around nice guy Daniel Ray.

After spending the better part of last year performing with more and more frequency and ferocity, Vox stormed out of the gate in 2011 with the contemplative folk-informed pop recordings that make up January’s Hermosa EP. While that release certainly established the band as effortlessly able to put out a physical product as impressively produced as it is adroitly dispatched, the heart of Vox and the Hound – up to this point – has been the group’s energetic, powerful, and astonishingly flawless live performances. Having just ended an extended summer break with a short but revelatory swing through Texas, the five-piece will be holding it’s homecoming – their first performance in the Big Easy since May – at Carrollton Station with New Orleans-by-way-of-Los Angeles Americana act Coyotes and Austin, TX indie pop trio Mobley.

MP3: Vox and the Hound: “End of Me (feat. Julie Odell)”
MP3: Coyotes: “Cosmic American”

08.28: Karma To Burn + Mountain Of Wizard + Red Shield + Quiet Hands – Siberia

08.29: The Olivia Tremor Control – One Eyed Jacks

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