Live Picks: 07.28.2011 – 08.08.2011

07.28: Dummy Dumpster + The Pests + Converts – 12 Bar

07.29: He’s My Brother She’s My Sister + Alexis Marceaux + Dominique Lejeune – Breezy’s Spot (early show)

The last time He’s My Brother She’s My Sister rolled through town, it was in a supporting role on the Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes tour that pulled into The Howlin’ Wolf last October.  While it is hard not to get lost in the shadow of the over-the-top spectacle that is an Ed Sharpe/Mag Z’s live performance, HMBSMS’s playful take on geographically-and-temporally-indistinct rockabilly swing revealed the pairing as the masterstroke of inspired programming it truly was. Both bands’ sound is rooted in a similarly revivalist strain of indie-folk, but the alternate directions in which they travel serves as an informative lesson on the actual breadth of what is often derided as an overly-general genre label.

The six-piece He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – led by real-life sibling songwriting team Robert and Rachel Kolar and featuring a tap-dancing percussionist – make their return to New Orleans with a stop at Breezy’s Spot, the type of cozy and funked-out performance space that should perfectly complement the bouncy nostalgia of their glammed-up folk-pop.

The bill also includes two young songstresses who are no stranger to the friendly confines of Uptown’s best re-purposed coffee-shop-cum-theater-space.  Alexis Marceaux – surely looking forward to next month’s national release of her newest album, Orange Moon – will be making an appearance; and the overtly candid, subtly brilliant Dominiquie Lejeune is nothing short of the staple of a Breezy’s gathering.  And sadly,this may be the last such gathering for the foreseeable future, as word on the street says a confederacy of dunces including landlords and neighbors have aligned themselves against this true genius of a venue.  So come for the great music.  Come for the good company. Come for the memories. Doors at 6pm.

MP3: He’s My Brother She’s My Sister: “Escape Tonight”

07.28: Rotary Downs + Luke Allen & Casey McCallister – Le Bon Temps Roule

08.03: Churches Burn + The Pledge of Cain + High In One Eye – Siberia

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