Big History Release New Single, “Wardrum”

With New Orleans’ incestuous indie rock scene well into its third or even fourth generation, the term “supergroup” gets thrown around a lot.  Most of the time, however, the shoe does technically fit, as the collected resumes of most new bands are assured to contain at least a few bits or pieces of some seminal but now defunct pieces of Crescent City musical lore.  But few bands have quite the pedigree of Big History – a project that rose from the ashes of some of the more notable indie rock institutions of the last 5 years including The City Life, Antenna Inn and Silent Cinema – and few bands have met and/or exceeded the accompanying expectations quite as well.

Since busting on the scene with a show-stealing set at One Eyed Jacks during NOIR Fest IV‘s closing ceremonies in November, Big History has torn through the city, leaving a path of infectious electro-pop destruction in their wake.  They’ve played almost every venue of note, stunning crowds gathered anywhere from Siberia to the Maison Penthouse to Eiffel Society with a slick barrage of glitchy beats, frantic live instrumentation and the sultry stylings of lead singer Meg Roussel.

Just a month out from the release of their highly-anticipated debut EP, Big History has a new song available for download.  A wildly popular live favorite due in part to violinist and singer Amanda Wuerstlin’s soaring backup harmonies, the studio version of “Wardrum” gets a heavy, big-beat makeover courtesy of some huge waves of synth and tweaked-out layers of effect-laden vocals.  Like the two previous Big History singles, the result here is significantly more hypnotic but no less danceable than its live incarnation.

MP3: Big History: “Wardrum”

Big History on Facebook


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