Live Picks: 07.21.2011 – 07.27.2011

07.21: The Lollies + Chilled Monkey Brains + The Rooks – Zeitgeist (early show)

07.22: Yip Deciever + Sharks’ Teeth – Howlin’ Wolf Den

07.23: Electronic Takeover featuring LA Riots + Swiss Chriss + Cristoph Andersson + Beverly Skillz + PR_CK – Ampersand

When Loyola undergrads Max Braun and Christopher Rengel (aka Swiss Chriss) founded Electronic Takeover back in the fall of 2009, it was a relatively modest endeavor.  They teamed up with Dan Helfers of Deft Jams to stage a series of enthusiastic dance parties that provided a refuge for the city’s young electro-heads as well as a live outlet for the techno/house/drum n’ bass DJs and producers lurking just below the surface of New Orleans’ vibrant music scene.  But the gatherings soon outgrew their homes at both Cafe Prytania and Maison, and less than two years later – as electronic music is making a rapidly ascendant rise towards national mainstream status – downtown ultra-lounge Ampersand is the only venue in the city that can contain the debauched, all-night rager TKVR has become.

For the final New Orleans event of the summer, the dependable stable of local talent will be supplemented by breakout west coast duo LA Riots, who are fresh off a sold-out European tour and a featured spot at March’s Ultra Music Fest in Miami.  And in case you haven’t heard: if Electronic Takeover wants a pool, Electronic Takeover gets a pool.  Swimsuits are encouraged as Braun, Rengle and Helfers recently convinced the proprietors of Ampersand to drop an above ground pool and sundeck in the middle of the club’s lush courtyard.

MP3: Chromeo: “Bonafied Lovin’ (LA Riots Remix)”
MP3: A Day To Remember: “2nd Sucks (Swiss Chriss Remix)”
MP3: Christoph Andersson: “Tuxedo”

07.24: Small Bones + Tropical Depression – The Saint

07.25: Harvey Milk – Siberia

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