Live Picks: 07.14.2011 – 07.20.2011

07.14: Hold Tight + This Is Your Life + Adults – The Saint

07.15: Royal Teeth + Mobley – Republic

Though not a hard and fast rule, the growth of a band may be most easily measured by the length of time it’s been together. In the case of Royal Teeth, a local indie pop act whose members have found their lives in a complete state of flux since they started playing together about a year ago, time has seemingly taken a backseat to nomadic travel and the prospects of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

After their debut release, the Live Office Session EP, caught the attention of some music industry higher-ups, the baby six-piece band found themselves in Charleston, South Carolina with producer Eric Bass (bassist and pianist for the multi-platinum Shinedown) feeling the band-aid rip of exposure therapy that is major label large-budget recording. With hands-on oversight from Warner Bros. Records Chairman Rob Cavallo (the producer responsible for Jawbreaker’s Dear You and nearly every Green Day album since Dookie), Royal Teeth – at this point only a musical infant of ideas and raw chemistry – spent tireless hours in the studio. The band recorded practically every note on every conceivable instrument from every possible acoustic angle, while Gary Larsen and Nora Patterson experimented vocally with unfamiliar registers and new styles of singing. The result was the Act Naturally EP, a concise, five-song representation of Royal Teeth’s undeniably eventful past seven months.

Having hibernated for such an extended period of time, this Friday’s CD release show at Republic is something of a long-awaited homecoming for Royal Teeth. Not to lose too much step with the energy necessary to put on the kinds of captivating live shows for which they’re known, the band has spent their concert off-season working on beefing up their live performances to visually match the deeply lush production found on Act Naturally. They’ll be joined by Austinian high-energy electro-pop act Mobley.

MP3: Royal Teeth: “Wild”

07.16: Mahayla + Au Ras Au Ras + Opposable Thumbs – Tipitina’s

07.17: Das Efx – Maison

07.18: The Blue Party + Baak Gwai – The Saint

07.19: Yardwork + John Shark America – AllWays Lounge

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