Preview // 2011 Creepy Fest: 07.14.2011 – 07.17.2011

At an unbearably hot and humid time of the year when most people think New Orleans Festival Season (NOFS™) is cold dead, the beneficiaries of this city’s deep and storied history of ultra-heavy music know that this is as frenzied as it gets. For the past two years, Creepy Fest has been the perfect chance to witness the local fanaticism for a punk and hardcore scene that has been turning heads and raising eyebrows nationally since the mid 1980s. As with many other “classically New Orleans” phenomena, the festival – an accession of punk bands, hardcore bands, thrash bands, horror punk bands and every possible amalgam in between – is the product of a community effort by musicians, fans, and bar owners who know that a fluid coexistence among them is what has essentially perpetuated this thriving scene for so long.

Broken up over four nights and six venues, Creepy Fest 2011 will offer no less than 35 local and national acts. The rapidly growing reputational momentum of brooding surf rockabilly band the Unnaturals has swept them into the headling spot at the Thursday night  Banks Street Bar kickoff, while Friday brings the festival over to Frenchman Street and boasts a double feature with the likes of local California-styled oldschool punks Sci-Fi Zeros, young – but not the be missed – band the Riffs and the fifteenth anniversary performance of the legendary Pallbearers. The festival moves to St. Claude Avenue on Saturday night for a massive show covering both Hi-Ho Lounge and Siberia with touring acts like Cider, Flyin’ Trichecos (both from Cleveland) and the Swingin’ Dicks (Texas), as well as local 80s punk band the Sluts – possibly one of the oldest active punk bands on the planet. The melee finally winds down at the Saint on Sunday night with Chalmette’s noisiest surf punk band Dummy Dumpster.

As with many of the greatest New Orleans experiences, Creepy Fest’s price tag is basically free (with the only cover charge being $10 for entrance to both of Saturday night’s shows); as such, it’s only appropriate to thoroughly drink your ass off at these events.

07.14: The Unnaturals + Nick Name & The Valmonts + Black Kat + The Rotten Cores – Bank Street Bar

07.15: Sci-Fi Zeros + Fat Stupid Ugly People + She’s Still Dead + Vapo Rats + Eatin’ Disorder + The Riffs – Dragon’s Den

07.15: The Pallbearers + Before I Hang + Toxic Rott + Crotch Breaker + Donkey Puncher + Concrete Shoes + Humiliate – Checkpoint Charlie’s

07.16: Cider + Flyin’ Trichechos + Murder Suicide Pact + Angel Sluts + The Bills + Overnight Lows + Super Destroyers + Interior Decorating – Siberia

07.16: Swingin’ Dicks + The Sluts + Die Rotzz + Early Graves + Split () Lips – Hi-Ho Lounge

07.17: Dummy Dumpster + We’re Only In It For The Honey + Indian Givers + Slutever + Terranova + DJ Pasta + DJ Penetro – The Saint

MP3: The Pallbearers: “Crazy Fat Ethyl”
MP3: The Riffs: “Smokin’ Rock Bottom”


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