The Jonesbirds: 06.13.2011

When tracing, observing, or even idly enjoying the early progressions of a young band, it’s simply amazing to see how things change only a few months after a first or second performance. Aside from any inevitable off-the-wall stylistic shifts that are the result of early growing pains, those willing to keep with it are likely to feel a tightening of the proverbial screws, both creatively and in the practical application of a live performance. Such was most clearly the case with local two-piece rock n’ roll outfit the Jonesbirds at the Saint on June 13.

Though the Jonesbirds’ barroom hard rock demeanor starkly contrasted the other performances of the night, the irreverent humor intrinsic to lead singer Chris Stoudt’s lyricism meshed nicely with the raucous vibe of the entire show, providing an agreeably noisy foil to the inimitably upbeat bounce of Lucky Lou da Greatest, the never-ending energy of Jean-Eric, and the creepy, borderline witch-house leanings of Jean-Eric side project Noir Fonce.

In usual fashion, the band ran through a blistering set of Stoudt’s fuzzy, low-end riffs and Colby Kiefer’s crash-heavy drums. However, where the Jonesbirds’ sound (an attitude-rife vibe that deceivingly brings to mind the White Stripes, thought it probably has more in common with Pussy Galore) was once inseparable from the duo’s raw musicianship, it was now a dense, perfectly-timed interplay between strings of intricate lead guitar fragments, meticulously accompanying percussion, and a capella spoken denouements. While the Jonesbirds certainly came out of the gate swinging when they hit the scene, it is amazing the difference a couple of months can make.

photo courtesy of Joshua Brasted


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