Live Picks: 06.09.2011 – 06.15.2011

06.09: Bounce VI featuring Big Freedia + Sissy Nobby + DJ Jubilee + Katey Red + DJ Rusty Lazer  – Republic

As a white New Orleans transplant in his mid-to-late-20s, it’s hard to talk about bounce music – and specifically, it’s gender-bending descendant, sissy bounce – without sounding like a clown.  Enthusiasm for the amazing amount of attention this unique style of music has been garnering as of late is often seen as ignorance to the long and storied history of native New Orleans hip-hop.  As such, it is easy to assume that any affection directed towards sissy bounce is detached and ironic, nothing more than the mere acknowledgment of a novel passing fancy.

While I may not have had the pleasure of grinding to “Get It Ready” at a middle school sock-hop, I am well aware that bounce music is anything but a fad and that even sissy bounce – the newest branch of the bounce family tree – has been around for over a decade.  This being said, I don’t worry too much about how my adoration sounds when I try to explain my love of the form to others.

Herein lies the strange beauty of sissy bounce. When you enter an area both physically and metaphorically under the dominion of a six-foot-two transvestite, for example, most people’s hopes of truly “fitting in” in are magnificently and instantaneous dashed.  This resetting of the social order, when so universally applied, puts all sissy bounce fans – white, black, gay, straight, young, old – on the same level, free to unabashedly revel in the raunchy lyrics, crude dance moves and over-the-top-personalities that make the live shows so entertaining.

When a rapper like Lil’ B is receiving death threats for attempting to derail the homophopia prevalent in much of the hip hop culture, calling sissy bounce’s mere existence “revolutionary” is not nearly as much of as overstatement as it may seem. Republic’s “Bounce” series allows everyone to join the movement, while paying tribute to those who brought bounce music to life in the first place.

MP3: Big Freedia: “Big Freddie Kay Ready” featuring Katey Red

06.10: Sun Hotel + Twin Killers + The Eastern Sea – AllWays Lounge

06.11: The Radiators Last Round Up Farewell Tour: “The Last Watusi” – Tipitina’s

06.13: Noah And The Whale + Bahamas – One Eyed Jacks

06.14: Of The Tower + Rococo Malade – Dragon’s Den

06.15: The Show Is The Rainbow – Siberia

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One thought on “Live Picks: 06.09.2011 – 06.15.2011

  1. Ya Heard Me Bounce Music Awards will celebrate and give tribute to Bounce Music artists who have kept and keeping the bounce culture alive.  Join us in crowing the new king and queen of Bounce 2012.  The 1st award show we awarded Jubilee as the King Of Bounce.  We also ask for you help in making this happen. Help Us Hold The 2nd Bounce Music Award Show Oct 12, 2012. Donate any amount you can afford. Let’s not never let our culture die out….thanks

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