Live Picks: 06.02.2011 – 06.08.2011

06.02: The Lollies + Samurai Deli + Mad Conductor – The Big Top

06.03: Shpongle + Random Rab – House of Blues

06.04: Lady Lazarus + The Beams – Allways Lounge

06.05: Those Darlins + R. Scully’s Rough 7 – One Eyed Jacks

06.06: The Beets + Eternal Summers + Lonesome Ghost – The Saint

06.07: Eagles of Death Metal + Gnarltones + Star & Dagger + Gary Wertz – One Eyed Jacks

At any moment I could easily put together a stacked list of nationally-recognized musicians and bands currently enjoying a love affair with the city of New Orleans. Near the top of that list would have to be Jesse Hughes and his lightning-fueled band of desert rock n’ roll musicians, Eagles of Death Metal, who seem thoroughly unable to get enough of our town.

During a tireless stay at last year’s Voodoo Fest, the band supplemented their scheduled, festival-stealing performance on the Bingo! Tent with a free concert at One Eyed Jacks that packed the venue to its literal breaking point, complete with a line of 500+ rabid fans waiting outside the door.  If that wasn’t enough, each EODM member made a stop at Mimi’s in the Marigny for a solo, acoustic set.

The Eagles of Death Metal have apparently not had enough, as they are coming back for an extended victory lap, and this time they’re hell-bent on mixing it up with the locals. Guitarist Dave Catching’s project earthlings? take the stage at One Eyed Jacks on Saturday, with the rest of the band coming to town for Tuesday’s official Eagles of Death Metal show.  Opening acts include the Gnarltones – a moniker for Catching’s work with local singer and multi-instrumentalist Molly McGuire (who has recorded or played with nearly every Palm Desert musician under the California sun) and Star & Dagger, the new outfit for former White Zombie bassist and local metal queen Sean Yseult. And just for good measure, accomplished singer/songwriter Gary Wertz has been thrown into the mix.

Long story short, Hughes and friends are coming back to party. And as they always do when making a stop in New Orleans, they plan to make it worth everyone’s while.

MP3: Eagles of Death Metal: “Speaking In Tongues”

06.08: Galactic – Lafayette Square

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