DYRT90s? // Jill Sobule: I Kissed A Girl

With WTUL and WWOZ on the local dial, there is really no excuse to ever listen to commercial FM radio in New Orleans.  Even if the Crescent City wasn’t blessed with two of the greatest listener-supported stations on the planet, I still don’t imagine I’d make a habit of checking out Top 40 radio with any regularity.

So it took me until the fall of 2008 to actively listen to the ubiquitous hit of the summer of 2008 and realize it was not actually a cover of this 1995 classic.  And I still don’t understand why people thought Katy Perry’s song was so controversial, considering Jill Sobule addressed the joys of carefree lesbian experimentation over a decade before Perry’s songwriting team did.

MP3: Jill Sobule: “I Kissed A Girl”


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