Smiley With A Knife Calls It Quits, Plans Farewell Concert

Though the phrase “All good things must come to an end” tends to bookend nearly everything in existence, it often means something much more profound when the thing it bookends truly was “good”. Such is the case for beloved local act Smiley With A Knife, who, after three and a half years of gracing the venues of New Orleans with math and instrumental rock of the highest order, has decided to pack it in and call it a day.

However, the band has made it clear that the split is both amicable and a positive development in the lives of its individual members:

Rest assured, there is no malignant source for this parting of ways. The four of us are best friends, brothers, and fellow adventurers. Nothing about this has changed. We’ve experienced the hippest establishments from Austin to Brooklyn and the coolest of hidden towns between. Your local beer has been great, your PBR, High Life, and Red Bull has been free, your gas has been expensive, and your couches have been reasonably comfortable. For those of you in the Gulf Coast region and various other facets of the deep South, you surely have not heard the last of our individual members. We’ll meet again soon enough under the guise of (a) different band name(s).

To cap off their run, which included hundreds of performances and two full-length albums, the band has put together a farewell concert at One Eyed Jacks on May 13, with a fitting lineup that includes the Blackbelt Band (staffed with ex-members of Community) and A Living Soundtrack. SWAK plans to give fans the best of its song catalog as well as dig up some old buried treasures for its send-off.

However, they don’t quite stop there, as they will be releasing two new recordings prior to the farewell show, “The Real Party Is On The Balcony” and “Aluminum Cannon”. In trying to avoid the all-too-easy How A Reign Comes To An End references, let me just say, “It’s been good, Smiley With A Knife.”

Smiley with a Knife: All good things must…


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